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UMCOR and its partners are responding to disasters in the United States and around the world. Please join us in prayer for the affected areas and consider giving to UMCOR Disaster Response to support these efforts. As we assess the initial and ongoing impact of the disasters described below, we will provide additional updates as information is available. We will also share additional ways in which you can help.

Wildfires in California

UMCOR remains in close conversation with the California-Pacific and California-Nevada Conference Disaster Response Coordinators as they respond to the needs of those affected by this year’s devastating wildfires.

In response to the Woolsey Fire, UMCOR is supporting the initial response efforts of the California-Pacific Annual Conference through a $10,000 solidarity grant. Current conference engagement includes needs assessments in the affected area, collaboration with response/recovery partners, participation at local assistance centers, distribution of relief supplies and volunteer coordination to address survivor needs.

In response to the Camp Fire, UMCOR is supporting the initial response efforts of the California-Nevada Annual Conference through a $10,000 solidarity grant. Current conference engagement includes a presence of local church volunteers at the disaster recovery center, Fire Bucket assembly to assist survivors as they return to burned-out or impacted homes, help for survivors with sifting through debris, spiritual and emotional care and preparation for minor home repairs or cleaning in the affected area.

Hurricane Michael

UMCOR partners are continuing their local response and recovery to Hurricane Michael in the Alabama-West Florida, South Georgia and Florida annual conferences. UMCOR solidarity grants were awarded to support initial response efforts in the Alabama-West Florida and Florida annual conferences. Recovery program development is also progressing in all three conferences. Additionally, recovery grants have been approved in the amounts of $118,271 for the Florida Annual Conference and $617,368 for the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference to support vital survivor services including disaster case management, reconstruction and volunteer coordination.

In the Alabama-West Florida and Florida Conferences, teams are addressing urgent and transitional needs in Panama City, deploying Early Response Teams, establishing relief and recovery centers in three regions, and exploring opportunities for volunteer hosting and mutual aid.

Early Response Teams have been deployed in the South Georgia Conference, and preparations are underway to engage in long-term recovery for those most in need, particularly in rural areas, through disaster case management.

Hurricane Florence

Local partners and volunteers have responded to the needs of those affected by Hurricane Florence in unprecedented ways. UMCOR awarded $10,000 solidarity grants to the North Carolina and South Carolina Annual Conferences to support response efforts. Recovery grants have also been approved in the amounts of $825,050 for South Carolina and $1,428,000 for North Carolina to support vital survivor services including disaster case management, reconstruction and volunteer coordination.

In the South Carolina Annual Conference, Early Response Team efforts continue in the Pee Dee region. Training for new long-term recovery groups is developing and the frequency of Connecting Neighbors trainings throughout the conference is increasing. Connecting Neighbors is a program that gives congregations the tools and information they need to guide the development of their disaster-response ministries.

In the North Carolina Annual Conference, Early Response Teams continue to work across the affected areas. The teams are engaged in ongoing mold remediation, identifying recovery center locations and constructing shower trailers.

In partnership with UMCOR, both conferences will be launching recovery programs in January 2019.

Puerto Rico – Hurricane Maria Response

From the outset of the storm UMCOR has worked closely with the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico to develop of a comprehensive plan for recovery. This has included support for disaster case management, direct assistance, volunteer coordination, materials and supplies, and contracted construction services. UMCOR and the MCPR are currently serving communities in 25 municipalities throughout the island. For more information or to schedule a volunteer team please click here.

UMCOR Around the World

Earthquakes and Tsunami in Indonesia

UMCOR is fortunate to consistently work with many partners in Indonesia. We are currently coordinating with partners on the ground to address immediate needs of vulnerable people affected by the earthquakes and tsunami. We have been in contact with Methodist Church leadership to support assessment, initial relief work and further evaluation and prioritization of needs as we reach recovery phases. 

Typhoon Mangkhut

Since 2017, UMCOR has trained and funded Disaster Management teams in order to empower communities to proactively alleviate suffering caused by the effects of disasters. Their work allows for communities' advance awareness and preparedness, aligning with the efforts of other conference teams and ecumenical councils from across the region. 

At a national level, this initiative ensures that the maximum number of people are prepared for a storm’s impact. Moreover, the Manilla, Davao and Baguio Episcopal Area offices continue to distribute daily weather advisories to community leaders.

UMCOR IDR has authorized a 10,000 USD Solidarity grant to address immediate needs in the most hard hit provinces of Baguio while the Disaster Management Coordinators in the Philippines continue to work with their communities after Typhoon Mangkhut and maintain their assessment of damages and analysis of needs.

Early in and last out are guiding words for UMCOR and our partners. Here's how you can become a part of our work. 

PRAY for those whose lives will be impacted by current disasters.
MAKE relief kits and send them to our relief-supply depots or an affiliate warehouse. Learn more about how to assemble and send a kit here.  
GIVE towards the efforts of UMCOR and its partners. Donate to U.S. disaster response, international disaster response, or to the UMCOR undesignated fund on the mobile giving platform below.


Download this UMCOR church bulletin insert to share 5 Things You Can Do in response to the current disasters.

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