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UMCOR and our partners are responding to Hurricane Florence in the United States and Super Typhoon Mangkhut (Ompong) in the Philippines. Please join us in prayer for the areas affected and consider a gift to UMCOR Disaster Response. As we assess the impact of these storms, we will provide timely updates as we receive information. We will also share additional ways in which you can provide assistance. 

Hurricane Florence

UMCOR is pleased to report that conferences are as prepared as possible to respond to the damage caused by Hurricane Florence. We ask that those wishing to assist to please not self-deploy or donate unsolicited items. We anticipate additional updates related to Florence emergent needs and will provide such as we receive them.

In North Carolina, Disaster Response Coordinators and Early Response Teams will assess damage in the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Florence later this week and into the weekend. However, some areas affected by Hurricanes Matthew and Irene were not affected by Hurricane Florence and are still in need of long-term recovery volunteers. Volunteers can express interest by emailing, or calling 888-440-9176.

North Carolina Disaster Response Page:

In Western North Carolina, teams are also preparing to assess damage. Reports of flooded sewage systems are raising health concerns. Therefore, potential volunteers are asked to ensure all vaccinations are up to date.   

Western North Carolina Disaster Response Page:

While South Carolina is not ready to receive volunteers, the conference asks that those interested monitor for future requests. We will also provide information on how to volunteer on this page. 

South Carolina Disaster Response Page: 

UMCOR Across the US

UMCOR U.S. Disaster Response teams are hard at work, not only in the Carolinas, but across the country.

Some examples of this work include response to flooding in Pennsylvania, wildfires in California, Nevada and Colorado, and flooding in the Great Plains.

Early in and last out are guiding words for UMCOR and its partners. Therefore, as we continue to respond to disasters together we invite you to view a more comprehensive list of our ongoing response using the map below and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on how you can serve.

Typhoon Mangkhut

Since 2017, UMCOR has trained and funded Disaster Management teams in order to empower communities to proactively alleviate suffering caused by the effects of disasters. Their work allows for communities' advance awareness and preparedness, aligning with the efforts of other conference teams and ecumenical councils from across the region.

At a national level, this initiative ensures that the maximum number of people are prepared for a storm’s impact. Moreover, the Manilla, Davao and Baguio Episcopal Area offices continue to distribute daily weather advisories to community leaders.

UMCOR IDR has authorized a 10,000 USD Solidarity grant to address immediate needs in the most hard hit provinces of Baguio while the Disaster Management Coordinators in the Philippines continue to work with their communities after Typhoon Mangkhut and maintain their assessment of damages and analysis of needs.


PRAY for those whose lives will be impacted by current disasters.
MAKE relief kits and send them to our relief-supply depots or an affiliate warehouse. Learn more about how to assemble and send a kit here.  
GIVE towards the efforts of UMCOR and its partners. Donate to U.S. disaster response, international disaster response, or to the UMCOR undesignated fund on the mobile giving platform below.


Download this UMCOR church bulletin insert to share 5 Things You Can Do in response to the current disasters.

How to assemble Relief Kits 




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