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Internally Displaced Students Persevere to Complete their Basic Education


Musab Briema Ali was born in 1997 in Um Shaaloba village in West Kordofan State. Amani Hassan Mohammad Adam was born in 1994 in Al Jalabi village in East Darfur State. Both are internally displaced persons (IDPs) attending the Al Salam Mixed School in Adilla town (east of the capital Ed Daein). Al Salam Mixed School was built by UMCOR in April 2015 through funding from the Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF).
The Al-Salam Basic Mixed School in Adilla, East Darfur State, Sudan, has been rebuilt by UMCOR, with support from the Common Humanitarian Fund. Photo: El Rayah Omer Balla

Musab and his older brothers are being raised by his uncle because his parents died when he was two years old. Initially, he studied at the Um Shaaloba Basic School in the Gibaish locality of West Kordofan State, but in 2007, he had to stop. Between 2007 and 2011, Musab and his family were displaced from West Kordofan State and fled to Abu Fetaiha village in the northern Adilla locality, in what is known today as East Darfur State. Here, Musab restarted his education at Abu Fetaiha Basic School. In 2013, Musab and his family were again displaced, only this time to Adilla town where he joined Al Salam Mixed School in 2013.

Today (February 2016) Musab is in the seventh grade and preparing to sit his basic level exam next year to move up to secondary school. Musab wishes to become an engineer to build his country and help his family.

Along with her four brothers and four sisters, Amani Hassan Mohammad Adam was enrolled in Al Jalabi Basic School. In 2008, Amani’s father traveled to South Sudan to find work and the family has not heard from him since. At that time, Amani had to stop going to school to help her family. In 2013, Amani and her family were displaced from their village and moved to the Adilla locality. In 2015, Amani started school again. She is currently in eighth grade and preparing for her basic level examinations. She wishes to study medicine to help her people.

In East Darfur State, there are significant challenges to education. UMCOR is receiving funding from the CHF to rehabilitate school buildings and develop better capacity in teachers with an overall goal of strengthening the Sudanese education system in terms of gender-equity and ensuring equal access to education for all children.

This article was originally published in the November 2015-February 2016 Education Sector Bulletin, Sudan, a newsletter of the South Sudan Ministry of Education, United Nations partners, and other humanitarian organizations working together in Sudan.