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Saba Banik: Finding Hope

UMCOR Disaster Response Report

Bangladesh is prone to flooding due to its location on the Ganges Delta and the many tributaries flowing into the Bay of Bengal. Coastal flooding, combined with the bursting of riverbanks, is common and severely affects the landscape and society of Bangladesh. According to a recent government report, approximately 300,000 families have been affected by flooding in the last year. The Kurigram, Lalmonirhat, and Sirajganj districts are the most affected areas in the north and northeast regions of Bangladesh. A three-month emergency project funded by UMCOR identified a large number of the vulnerable population. Here is one of their stories.

Saba Banik: Finding Hope

*Tanvir Elahi & the local team in Bangladesh.

Saba Banik, 31, lives in the village of Moheshkangla. Recent flooding washed away her home. Banik and her husband are farmers with two young daughters and a son. 

Muslim Aid has implemented emergency response projects in this flood-affected community, funded by UMCOR. Emergency aid to the family consisted of a small grant and a hygiene kit. Among other items, hygiene kits contain bath soap, laundry soap, sanitary napkins, and a 20-liter bucket. 


Banik appreciated the money, but she was most grateful for the hygiene kit.

“Hygiene kits are really useful for maintaining my personal hygiene, but I could not purchase it from the market,” she said. “It also helps to maintain hygiene of my family members. I received money from Muslim Aid, and it helped me keep hoping…after (the) flood damage when I was fighting to meet some basic family needs, such as food, medicine, and clothes. 

“From the money, I have saved some to buy a goatling to rear in my family,” she said. “One day that will be helpful for us as well. I hope I will have more goats from this single female goatling. I am so thankful…for the great support when I had nothing.”

*Names have been changed to protect the beneficiary’s privacy.