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UMCOR News Stories 2016

South Carolina Needs Volunteers
Volunteers are needed for flood recovery in South Carolina, which may take three years.
Easter Attack on Pakistan’s Christians
Church of Pakistan leaders pray for an end to religious extremism after terrorist attack on a large number of Christians and those of other faiths.
Hope for the Long Haul
As solutions for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, are being explored, relief for its residents continue.
Statement on the Pakistan Attack
General Secretary Thomas Kemper expresses solidarity with the Church of Pakistan, and to the families of those killed or injured in the recent Pakistan attack.
UMCOR Takes Stock, Looks to the Future
UMCOR has tripled its response to disasters large and small around the world.
“Wait Until It Breaks?” Not in Uganda
Clean water flows in Uganda.
Dominican Republic: Improving Conditions, Preventing Disasters
UMCOR is working with FundaciĆ³n Plenitud in the Dominican Republic to develop an effective community preparedness plan to reduce Las Terrenas’ vulnerability to flooding.
UMCOR Hosts Disaster Training in Caribbean
Partners from 13 Caribbean islands gather for UMCOR’s fifth International Disaster Response training in Grenada.
Light in the Darkness in Syria
A look at UMCOR’s support of displaced populations affected by the Syria conflict, which is now entering its sixth year of war.
Churches Called to Support South Sudan Development
Saratoga Springs UMC kicks-off support for new UMCOR South Sudan development project.
Gambia: Maximizing Food’s Potential
UMCOR helps to enhance food production for local farmers in Gambia by improving the quality of their soil.
Churches Connect for “One Great Hour”
One Great Hour of Sharing is March 6.
Clean Water for Suffering Texas Community
UMCOR helps the North Texas Conference bring clean drinking water to a community in need outside Dallas.
In Armenia: Miracles Happen
A story of hope after sexual slavery.
UMCOR prepares Fiji response
UMCOR is working with partners to respond to last weekend’s category 5 storm, Cyclone Winston.
Philippines: Community Celebrates New Shelter
UMCOR completes its final evacuation shelter in the Philippines and celebrates with a handover ceremony.
Water is a Human Right
How does UMCOR WASH work?
Relief Kits: Small Efforts Add Up
A little relief in the form of a kit can go a long way.
Serbia: Reducing Risk and Building Resilience
UMCOR and partner work to help Serbia reduce its future vulnerability to flooding.
UMCOR Trainings Are a Staple for Disaster Recovery
What you need to know about UMCOR disaster response training.
Iraq: Food for Uprooted Families
UMCOR and International Blue Crescent help meet the needs of populations uprooted by conflict in Iraq.
Prayers Answered After Disaster
After widespread floods and tornadoes in the U.S., UMCOR’s response is more than statistics, it’s personal.
A Call for Prayer for Peace in Syria
Global Ministries leader urges prayer for Syria peace negotiations.
Nicaragua: Improving Quality of Life
In Nicaragua, local health promoters are empowered to address community health, food security, and disaster prevention and mitigation.
Philippines: Protection Against Future Disasters
Typhoon-resistant community evacuation shelters in the Philippines are part of a disaster risk reduction strategy to weather the next storm.