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UMCOR News Stories 2016

UMCOR Requests Prayers, Patience in Response to West Virginia Floods
After severe weather caused major flooding in West Virginia, UMCOR requests prayer for affected communities, and asks that volunteers hold-off on self-deployment.
Addressing Drought in Zimbabwe
Communities in Zimbabwe thrive in the midst of drought through an UMCOR integrated approach that includes food security and nutrition, livelihoods, health, and access to water, sanitation, and hygiene ...
In West Africa, Better Hygiene Equals Better Learning
In Cote d’Ivoire, children are better able to learn after latrines and hand-washing stations were installed in their school, thanks to UMCOR and partner Reservoir de Siloe.
Reducing Flood Risk in DRC
UMCOR partners with the North Katanga Episcopal Area in helping communities in Kamina organize themselves to clean up the river debris to reduce their vulnerability to future flooding.
A Call to Disaster Response
Mellie Jordan, a disaster case manager who serves with UMCOR, supports disaster-burdened communities with grace, skill, and God.
Nicaragua: Protection Against Volcano’s Aftermath
UMCOR helps families in Nicaragua breathe easier after the Momotombo volcano spewed ash that caused respiratory issues in El Paplonal.
‘Season for Preparedness’ is Now
As the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season begins, UMCOR’s Connecting Neighbors program can ready the local church for disaster response.
Food Aid for Displaced Indigenous in Philippines
UMCOR and local partner BALSA Mindanao provide food aid to displaced Lumad indigenous people living in evacuation centers in the Philippines, after they were forcibly displaced from their homes in 201 ...
Improving Health with Smokeless Stoves
Families in Pamlathum, Nepal, are living in a cleaner environment and finding a decrease in respiratory and eye diseases through the use of smokeless stoves.
Sri Lanka: Ready to Beat the Next Disaster
Communities in Sri Lanka’s Ratnapura District are working to increase their resilience to potential disasters with support from UMCOR.
Four Areas of Focus Reaffirmed
A look at the achievements and vision for the denomination’s Four Areas of Focus for the next quadrennium.
United Methodists Authorize ‘UMCOR Sunday’
The United Methodist Church renames One Great Hour of Sharing to ‘UMCOR Sunday’ during the church’s legislating General Conference meeting in Portland, Oregon.
UMCOR Partners in Response, Recovery, and Reducing Risk
In times of disaster, UMCOR is a valuable partner for assessing relief needs, planning long-term recovery, and helping communities prepare for the next disaster before it strikes.
In Armenia, a New Beginning
UMCOR Armenia has evolved into an independent, self-sustaining, national nonprofit organization called UMCOR Armenia Foundation.
Texas Churches Bring Hope Amid Disasters
UMCOR equips local churches to respond.
Ecuador: Aid for Earthquake Recovery
UMCOR is responding with food and water to communities affected by the April 16 earthquake in Ecuador.
Cambodian Farmers Plant their Future
UMCOR supports sustainable farming in Cambodia so farmers have enough food for their families.
Bishop Seeks Help, Prayers for Ecuador
As relief agencies deploy following an earthquake in Ecuador, Bishop Silvio Cevallos, Evangelical UMC of Ecuador, makes an appeal for prayer.
Recovery After Fiji Cyclone
UMCOR partners with the Methodist Church in Fiji to provide assistance after Tropical Cyclone Winston bore down in late February.
Ruben’s Tree
How many of us even notice roadside vegetation? Read how an UMCOR driver lovingly cared for a dying tree in Armenia. Earth Day is April 22.
UMCOR Aid for Uprooted Syrians Continues
As the conflict in Syria continues, UMCOR continues its aid for Syrians forced to flee their homes through the provision of food packages.
Fire Recovery: “Living Out My Faith”
How mission-driven recovery is taking place.
No Small Disasters: UMCOR Helps Many
As U.S. storms strike many states, UMCOR brings immediate relief and supports long-term recovery.
Sowing Hope in Haiti
UMCOR’s agriculture program in Bas Boen, Haiti, turns barren lands into lush, green fields, helping communities thrive and earn a steady income.
Malawi: Drought Need Not Equal Famine
Countering hunger by way of dry rations in times of crop failure and drought in Malawi.