United Methodist Committee on Relief

  • After Typhoon Haiyan: Restored Hope - Typhoon Haiyan survivor Roger Modesta is an example of restored hope for the Tanauan municipality, as he sits in his new house made possible through the UMCOR rebuilding project.
  • Bishop Hee-Soo Jung Talks About One Great Hour of Sharing Korean - Bishop Jung talks about the critical work of UMCOR and the part One Great Hour of Sharing plays in helping to make it all happen.
  • Bolivia's Unsafe Water - The people of Potosi, Bolivia have no choice but to use the contaminated waters of the Juckucha River. David Stephenson of Engineers In Action, an UMCOR partner, explains the severity of the arsenic-laced waters.
  • Building Haiti - Hope has risen for the nation of Haiti since it suffered from a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake just two years ago. Watch this video to learn of UMCOR's ongoing long-term relief, recovery and development work that is providing education opportunities, shelter, health and hygiene services, and livelihood support.
  • Clean Water and Sanitation in Guatemala - In the central highlands of Guatemala, access to clean water and improved sanitation is vital to the health and well-being of the indigenous Mayan population. Through an integrated approach where water and sanitation are critical components, UMCOR and Behrhorst Partners help communities become healthy and stay healthy.
  • Cubans Help Cubans Rebuild - After Hurricane Sandy ravaged Cuba in 2012, Greg Forrester of UMCOR tells of the strides the country has made to rebuild churches and homes.
  • Food Security in Armenia - UMCOR’s successful food security program, offers sustainable agriculture training for vulnerable populations in rural communities.
  • Haiti Five Years Later: Jim Gulley Remembers - Five years after surviving the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, Jim Gulley, UMCOR consultant, recalls moments of that tragic day and also looks forward with hope as the nation continues to rebuild.
  • Haiti Five Years Later: UMCOR Gives Thanks - The Rev. Dr. J. Denise Honeycutt, UMCOR’s deputy general secretary, offers words of gratitude to those in U.S. and around the world that have faithfully and generously supported UMCOR’s work in Haiti in the years following the January 2010 earthquake.
  • Haiti Milestones - Three years after the devastating earthquake of 2010, Haiti now moves from emergency response to long-term development. UMCOR will continue to support local communities and partners as the nation addresses development challenges in years to come.
  • Hope Rises - To alleviate human suffering. We provide practical, proactive support to the most vulnerable survivors of chronic or temporary emergencies due to natural or civil causes.
  • New Preschools for Syrian Refugee Children - UMCOR is partnering with ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid) in Lebanon to provide Syrian refugee children with rehabilitated preschools. The revitalized space will provide a place where teachers, parents and children will feel safer, more secure and fulfilled.
  • Reflecting on Haiti - General Secretary Thomas Kemper of Global Ministries reflects on the tragedy of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, but also on the transforming hope brought on by UMCOR’s relief, recovery and sustainable development work over the last five years.
  • Relief Kits Bring Hope - Watch how relief kits shipped from UMCOR Sager Brown depots bring hope to children in Georgia and Armenia and how your support is urgently needed for this vital ministry.
  • Serrv: Supporting Artisans and Farmers through Fair Trade - SERRV, an UMCOR fair trade partner, works to eradicate poverty through its connections with low-income artisans and farmers around the world.
  • Shade and Fresh Water - UMCOR is supporting the Shade and Fresh Water project in Brazil which provides education on self-esteem, holistic health, Christian education principles, and more for at-risk children living in low-income areas.
  • Super Typhoon Haiyan - Super Typhoon Haiyan, perhaps the strongest storm ever, plowed across the Philippines on November 8th. The United Methodist Committee on Relief stands ready to respond through our office in the country.
  • The Ongoing Need For Relief Supplies - Kathy Kraiza, executive director of Relief Supplies for UMCOR, informs United Methodist and friends about the ongoing need for relief supplies.
  • U.S. Immigration Emergency Response - Greg Forrester, Assistant General Secretary for UMCOR Disaster Response covering U.S., Caribbean and Central America explains the current immigration emergency and how UMCOR is responding.
  • UMCOR Ebola Response Update - Dr. Olosimbo Ige, Executive Director of Global Ministries' Global Health department explains how UMCOR is transitioning from response to rebuilding the health systems in the effected countries.
  • UMCOR Haiti Update - UMCOR continues to help rebuild communities in Haiti, with a focus on livelihood support, agriculture, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), education and shelter and reconstruction projects.
  • UMCOR Philippines stands in Solidarity with the United States - Ciony Eduarte delivers a message of solidarity during times of US disaster.
  • UMCOR Philippines: Mitigating Disasters - Ciony Ayo-Eduarte, shares about disaster risk reduction, and the experience of a group of women in Rosario, who have learned to maintain their economic capacity despite typhoons and floods.
  • UMCOR Sager Brown History - Learn about UMCOR Sager Brown depot's early beginnings on the 145-year campus grounds in Baldwin, La.
  • UMCOR Sager Brown Volunteers - UMCOR Sager Brown volunteers are the heart of mission and ministry serving the needs of the most vulnerable around the world.
  • World Aids Day - Armenia - HIV infection continues to be a major healthcare concern in Armenia, but UMCOR is working to prevent new cases of HIV through a project called "Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Tuberculosis".
  • World Aids Day - Imagine No Malaria and HIV/AIDS - Kathy Griffith, UMCOR Health executive, shares how the denomination's Imagine No Malaria initiative acts as a doorway to work with communities affected by HIV and AIDS.