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FEVODECA Women’s Association: Food Transformation

The FEVODECA Women’s Association was created nearly eight years ago by a group of 35 women. The association transforms local fruits into jellies, jams and tasty beverages. UMCOR provided business grants to each of the women and they decided to work together versus separately. They have gone through business management training, including basic accounting and record keeping. The group also created a business plan which they are currently implementing today. They have displayed and sold their items at various local fairs and too many foreign guests. The group has earned quite a bit of celebrity status in their neighborhood!

“We hope to be able to continue our business and hope to become one of the largest and most productive businesses in our sector in Haiti and even the Caribbean…It's a big ambition but it can be done with our determination and hard work. Thanks to UMCOR and USAID, we are on our way,” - Alina Jean Gilles Luc, President of FEVODECA

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Photo: Laura Wise

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This story was written with the help of Dawn Anderson of UMCOR Haiti.