United Methodist Committee on Relief

UMCOR Shares Process for Applying to Volunteer in Puerto Rico 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the United Methodist Committee on Relief’s efforts to support its partner, the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico, as our neighbors work to rebuild after Hurricane Maria.

UMCOR has received a formal invitation from Bishop Hector Ortiz of MCPR requesting volunteers to support reconstruction efforts following hurricanes Irma and Maria. At Ortiz’s request, we encourage you to follow the Intent to Serve process linked below so we can help the MCPR plan for volunteers and avoid situations where volunteers are put at risk because the proper arrangements may not be in place to accommodate them.

The MCPR response effort is now primarily in a recovery phase. While volunteer opportunities are available for individuals of all skill levels, MCPR is requesting that teams have at least several people skilled in basic construction or rebuild. The recommendation is one skilled person for every four or five team members. While Early Response Team training is not required in a recovery phase, it is further recommended that someone on the team have the basic ERT training.

The presence of volunteer teams is critical to this recovery effort as thousands of homes need basic rebuild work to make them “safe, sanitary and habitable.” Storm seasons make this request even more urgent. While on site, teams will be supported by the MCPR construction coordinator and a site foreman.

If you are interested in applying to schedule a volunteer team visit to Puerto Rico to help with their reconstruction efforts, please visit HERE. We invite you to read the General Guidelines for Volunteers document found on that page.

As mentioned, volunteer opportunities are now available for individuals of all skill levels. UMCOR Early Response Teams wishing to serve can signal their availability through their conference disaster response coordinators.

Thank you again for helping UMCOR and the people of The United Methodist Church support our neighbors in Puerto Rico.