United Methodist Committee on Relief

How to Register Your Payment Method for The Home Depot Pro Loyalty Rebate Program

Thank you for your interest in GCFA / UMCOR / The Home Depot Pro Loyalty Rebate Program. Through this program, the United Methodist Committee on Relief will earn a rebate on UMCOR-related, tracked purchases made with The Home Depot.

UMCOR’s partners registering their payment method (i.e., credit card) will receive the same discount on goods and supplies The Home Depot provides to UMCOR for being a part of this program. Discounts range from 10 to 20 percent on a variety of items.

Please note that only purchases of items to be used for church-related purposes or by church-related organizations are included in the rebate program. Purchases made by and for a private individual are not eligible at this time. Only tracked purchases help UMCOR and its partners earn rebate dollars.

The Home Depot relationship with The United Methodist Church will help support the work of UMCOR. Account registration is fast, easy, and FREE!

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1. Visit

2. Sign in to the United Methodist Account using:

a. Username:

b. Password: GCFAmission2019 (case sensitive) 

3. Select "Credit Cards and Accounts" from the left-hand menu.

4. Select "Add a Credit/Debit card."

5. Select "Register Card" (towards the left of the screen).

6. Add your credit/debit card information.

7. When making a disaster response related purchase, in the nickname box enter UMCOR

8. Select "YES" under "Do you have an agreement code?” Enter code USC.

9. Submit the form.

Thank you for your support of UMCOR.