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11 Aug 2016 Flood Recovery Wraps Up
Volunteers are still needed to help Detroit residents repair their damaged homes two years after devastating floods.
A student at Lvea Primary School, in a poor rural district of central Cambodia, shows off her UMCOR school kit, which will ensure her studies for an entire year.
10 Aug 2016 The UMCOR Hotline for August 10, 2016
News: Malawi Food Aid; Media: News: UMCOR Awarded Four Stars from Charity Navigator; UMCOR School Kits Reach Children in Rural Cambodia
In a remote and impoverished district of central Cambodia, UMCOR and partner provide nearly 300 school kits to students at Lvea Primary School.
9 Aug 2016 With UMCOR School Kits, Cambodian Children Are Ready to Study
In rural Cambodia, UMCOR and partner provide students nearly 17,000 school kits.
The new relief-supply depot in West Virginia has seen a ring of support that has helped thousands of flood survivors.
4 Aug 2016 New Relief-Supply Depot Enhances Preparedness and Response
A new disaster relief-supply depot in West Virginia is helping thousands of flood survivors.
Thanks to UMCOR’s support, cyclone-affected communities in Sri Lanka receive water purification units from GlobalMedic.  Photo: GlobalMedic
4 Aug 2016 Sri Lanka: Interlocking Assistance After Cyclone Damage
UMCOR partners with several organizations to serve the differing needs of cyclone-affected communities in Sri Lanka.
3 Aug 2016 Innovative Partnership to Beat Hunger in Zimbabwe
UMCOR undertakes an innovative partnership in Zimbabwe to help Zimbabweans tackle the harsh effects of climate change that is affecting their ability to feed their families.
28 Jul 2016 South Sudanese Villagers Own Their Future
UMCOR supports South Sudan’s grassroots efforts for community involvement of local government investment activities.
Volunteers load boxes of relief supplies onto a truck at the UMCOR Sager Brown depot in Baldwin, La.
27 Jul 2016 The UMCOR Hotline for July 27, 2016
News Flood Response in Kenya; Media: Assembling Relief Supplies
Members of Laredo United Methodist Church assemble relief-supply kits. Photo: Paul Harris
26 Jul 2016 “We Need More People to Gather Supplies”
Pray, pack relief-supplies, and give.
Mohamed Maada Kabia at work in the fields of Katik Village, Sierra Leone. He is chairman of the village’s Blind Farmers’ Association. Photo: WIA
21 Jul 2016 Sierra Leone: Support for Blind Farmers’ Recovery
UMCOR helps blind farmers in Sierra Leone receive the tools, seeds, and leadership training necessary for a sustained livelihood.
After severe wildfires struck Middletown, Calif., scorched mountain top properties stud the horizon. Photo by Adam DuBrowa/FEMA
19 Jul 2016 For Case Managers, Every Person Matters
Disaster case management is a holistic plan for recovery that addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
A NASA satellite photo captures the moment when Cyclone Roanu approached Bangladesh last May.
13 Jul 2016 The UMCOR Hotline for July 13, 2016
NEWS: Relief for Cyclone Survivors in Bangladesh; MEDIA: West Virginia Floods
Several communities in Virginia are still recovering from tornadoes that struck five months ago.   PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy Virginia UMVIM
12 Jul 2016 In Virginia, Churches Rally for Tornado Recovery
Congregations help boost recovery after tornadoes last February caused widespread destruction.
A NASA satellite photo captures the moment when Cyclone Roanu approached Bangladesh last May. The storm displaced half a million people, damaging homes and livelihoods. PHOTO CREDIT: NASA, LANCE/EOSDIS Rapid Response, captured on Terra satellite, via Wikimedia Commons
7 Jul 2016 In Bangladesh, UMCOR Aids Cyclone Recovery
UMCOR partners with Muslim Aid to assist those who lost homes, livelihoods in storm and flood.
After Hurricane Sandy, UMCOR helps keep communities in disaster preparedness.
5 Jul 2016 Sandy Recovery Shifts to Preparedness
After Hurricane Sandy, UMCOR helps keep communities in disaster preparedness.
Nybol draws clean water from the rehabilitated Zamzam Water Yard in Adilla Town. Photo by Osman Fadol
30 Jun 2016 In Sudan: Clean Water, Less Illness
UMCOR helps improve community water access and management in East Darfur state.
30 Jun 2016 In Sudan: Skills Training Allows Displaced Persons to Feed Their Families
Thanks to the UMCOR program, Zakarea Mohammed Ahmed Adam can care for his extended family.
30 Jun 2016 Clean, Safe Water Improves Life in East Darfur
A rehabilitated water yard brings more than just clean water to communities in East Darfur.
30 Jun 2016 Bringing Improved Seeds to East Darfur
An UMCOR seed-multiplication project helps a farmer double his yield.
30 Jun 2016 A Family Finds Shelter in East Darfur
UMCOR provides emergency shelter for displaced families in Sudan.
30 Jun 2016 The UMCOR Hotline for June 30, 2016
News: Food Relief in Ethiopia; Prayer: West Virginia Floods
28 Jun 2016 UMCOR Requests Prayers, Patience in Response to West Virginia Floods
After severe weather caused major flooding in West Virginia, UMCOR requests prayer for affected communities, and asks that volunteers hold-off on self-deployment.
Thanks to an UMCOR project created in Kariba District, Zimbabwe, Tendai Chimera is able to harvest vegetables during drought seasons, and is receiving an income from the sale of surplus produce. Photo: Terry Mukuka
28 Jun 2016 Addressing Drought in Zimbabwe
Communities in Zimbabwe thrive in the midst of drought through an UMCOR integrated approach that includes food security and nutrition, livelihoods, health, and access to water, sanitation, and hygiene ...
Children learn the importance of good hygiene behavior during trainings sessions at Sokorobo Primary School. Photo: Reservoire de Siloe
23 Jun 2016 In West Africa, Better Hygiene Equals Better Learning
In Cote d’Ivoire, children are better able to learn after latrines and hand-washing stations were installed in their school, thanks to UMCOR and partner Reservoir de Siloe.
A couple who survived the last flood disaster in the Democratic Republic of Congo, stand in front of their damaged home. Photo: North Katanga Episcopal Area
21 Jun 2016 Reducing Flood Risk in DRC
UMCOR partners with the North Katanga Episcopal Area in helping communities in Kamina organize themselves to clean up the river debris to reduce their vulnerability to future flooding.

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