United Methodist Committee on Relief

Birthing Kit

The supplies in the Birthing Kit provide an important source of comfort for displaced persons.

Birthing Kit Value: $8 per kit

Download: Kit Assembly Instructions (PDF) Instructional Video | Shipping Label & Packing List (PDF)

Assembly & Shipping Instructions

Birthing Kit Materials

  • 1 small bar of soap
    • 1-2 oz. size
    • Do not remove from original packaging
    • Small bars such as those found in hotels are acceptable
  • 1 pair thin gloves
    • Surgical, latex, or thin rubber gloves are acceptable
  • 1 square yard of clear plastic sheeting
  • Must be 4 mil thick

    • Plastic trash bags and shower curtains are not acceptable
  • 3 12-inch long pieces of cotton string
    • Must be clean
    • Secure the pieces of string by bundling and tying them together
    • No yarn please
  • 1 single-edge razor blade
    • Must be covered in paper or cardboard to keep it from causing injury
    • Regular shaving razors are not acceptable
  • 2 receiving blankets
    • Sizes may range from 28 x 28 inches to 32 x 32 inches
    • No thermal or fleece blankets please
  • 1 plastic bag
    • One gallon-size sealable bag only

Assembly Directions

Fold the plastic sheeting and blankets so they will fit easily into the plastic bag. Lay the loose items on top of the blankets and plastic sheeting. Slide all items into the plastic bag. Squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible and then seal it.

Important Notes

  • All items must be new.
  • Do not wash any of the items as they will then be considered used.
  • All emergency kits are carefully planned to make them usable in the greatest number of situations. Since strict rules often govern product entry into international countries, it is important that kits contain only the requested items, nothing more. 
  • Do not include any personal notes, money, or additional material in the kits. These things must be painstakingly removed and will delay the shipment. 
  • UMCOR does require that all patriotic symbols be removed from the kit contents. For example, if an item in a kit has a stamp that contains the American Flag, that stamp must be removed, covered or blacked out.

Packing & Shipping Instructions

  • Box Weight: Each packed box cannot exceed 66 pounds.
  • Complete 2 packing lists: One for your records and one to put on the shipping box.
  • Paste the shipping label / packing list on the outside of each box you send. The shipping list helps the depot to quickly process kits.
  • Processing & Shipping Costs: Please enclose an envelope containing at least $1 for each kit you send. This donation enables kits to be sent to areas in need. 
  • Last updated May 2017.

Help Purchase Supplies

If you prefer to donate toward the purchase of supplies instead of buying and shipping them, give online to Material Resources, UMCOR Advance #901440.

Providing insecticide-treated bed nets is just one of many ways UMCOR helps mothers care for their vulnerable children.

Sending Assembled Kits

You can send relief supply kits to:

UMCOR Sager Brown Depot
P.O Box 850 131 Sager Brown Road
Baldwin, LA 70514-0850

Contact For Help: 1-800-814-8765