United Methodist Committee on Relief

Relief Supply Kits

Relief kits help provide care for the most vulnerable people during times of crisis.  

UMCOR collects hygiene, school, and cleaning kits for distribution within the United States.  Kits help sustain everyday life for people who lack ready access to essential supplies when a disaster strikes. International distribution of relief supplies will be discontinued by December 31, 2017. Relief grants will be offered to international partners to allow for local purchase and assembly of kits which are more culturally appropriate.

Note: Patriotic symbols, such as flags, do not need to be removed from relief kits. In the past, UMCOR requested that these were removed to ensure relief kits could move easily through international customs. This is not an issue for Hurricane Harvey relief kits. 

Help us restock relief supply kits! At this time, the following kits are most needed:

Cleaning Kits

Hygiene Kits

School Kits

Kit Assembly Instructions

For specific instructions on how to assemble and ship each type of kit, please click the icons below.

Note: The value of the items in each kit is reviewed annually to keep up with a changing economy. Although markets may fluctuate regionally, the value of each kit listed reflects the average cost of the items purchased in the United States.

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The Journey of Relief Kits 

When kits are donated to any of our relief-supply depots or an affiliate warehouse, volunteers assemble, verify, and pack the kits. They are then stored until we receive a request. Once a request is processed, the kits are shipped to those who need them. 


 Material Resources Advance #901440 - Enhance the purchase of  emergency response and disaster  relief supplies.


Shipping and Labeling Instructions


  Relief Supply Shipping Label and Packing List

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Cleaning Kit | School Kit | Sew School Bag

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