United Methodist Committee on Relief

Global Migration 

UMCOR works alongside the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church to affirm global migration as a programmatic priority for its work.

“Global Ministries understands that the causes and drivers of forced migration are many and very complex. Poverty, conflicts, disasters, environmental issues, and human trafficking are some of them.  Addressing the root causes of migration is challenging, but necessary to curb the numbers of people migrating involuntarily.” —Global Ministries Migration Summit

We are adopting a justice and mercy-based approach to migration issues, which emphasizes human rights. This means that UMCOR takes preferential action to ensure that the most vulnerable people in all categories of migrants have access to humanitarian assistance (food, water, shelter, clothing, healthcare, etc.) without discrimination.   

Our work in global migration is based on the theology of mutuality in mission, and it operates in partnership with annual conferences, congregations, other agencies and institutions of the church and ecumenical partners.

UMCOR works to support the following rights:

RIGHT TO STAY – to facilitate an enabling environment in countries of origin to encourage people to stay in their homes. 
RIGHT TO SAFE PASSAGE – if there is absolutely no choice but to leave, to support people’s ability to travel safely along the migration corridors.
RIGHT TO WELCOMING AND BELONGING – to support a process through which the migrant and the receiving community work together to meet the needs of welcoming, integration, and belonging.
RIGHT TO SUPPORT FOR THE RETURNED – to support in whatever way possible the dignified reintegration of the deported and those voluntarily returning to their countries of origin.   

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