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Fair Trade

Fair wages allow farmers and artisans to feed their families, send their children to school, gain access to health care, and much more. On the other hand, when businesses exploit their workers, entire communities become trapped in vicious cycles of poverty. When you choose to buy fair-trade items you support just and sustainable economies.

UMCOR connects United Methodist consumers with Fair Trade Certified companies and other socially responsible businesses. Our partners include:


Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange : This co-op specializes in fair-trade coffee, tea, chocolate, bananas, olive oil, and almonds.


Eco Palms 

Eco-Palms: Get palm fronds for your church services from this organization, which certifies that the palms are harvested in a sustainable way and that workers are paid fair wages. Eco-Palms helps send young girls to school, employ women, and build community centers.
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 Prosperity Candle

Prosperity Candle: This company works with women in conflict areas and in the aftermath of disasters. It provides training and resources, empowering them to earn income as candle makers. Ten percent of purchases go back to UMCOR to support continued relief efforts.
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 Serrv logo

SERRV: This nonprofit is a founding member of the World Fair Trade Organization and the Fair Trade Federation. It supports equal rights for women, guides sustainable development, and helps artisans market their fair-trade crafts and food.
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When you purchase fair trade products through our partners, a portion goes to support UMCOR’s Sustainable Agriculture and Development Program in Africa through the Small Farmer Fund. Follow these links to learn how your congregation can serve, sell or fundraise with Equal Exchange products, or call 774-776-7366 to learn more.

Fair trade
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