United Methodist Committee on Relief

UMCOR Grants 

Our goal in grant-making is to provide funding and related expertise for effective and efficient disaster readiness, relief and recovery projects on behalf of Tthe United Methodist Church to support projects that help alleviate human suffering.


UMCOR grantees must agree to implement programs and services in a manner consistent with UMCOR’s mission and values, and protection principles and minimum standards for the humanitarian sector..
All UMCOR-funded partners take steps to ensure their actions:

  • Preserve the dignity of persons without regard to religion, race, nationality, or gender, and seek to enhance the quality of life in the human community. --- The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, 2016
  • Do not bring further harm to affected people (Protection Principle 1), that their activities benefit in particular those who are most affected and vulnerable (Protection Principle 2), that they contribute to protecting affected people from violence and other human rights abuses (Protection Principle 3) and that they help affected people recover from abuses (Protection Principle 4). --- Protection Principles,, Copyright@The Sphere Project 2011


UMCOR’s core values of equality and justice, respect with dignity, and good stewardship are reflected in UMCOR’s grant-making priorities. Funded projects generally meet the following criteria:

  • The project proposes to identify, advocate for, and assist those persons (beneficiaries) who are among the most vulnerable to the effects of disaster. Beneficiaries may be adults, children, families, and/or households affected by disaster.
  • The project is designed to promote equitable access to needs-based resources via culturally competent approaches.
  • The project seeks to establish mechanisms for service delivery of direct services and resources, especially via volunteers, to assist faith- based organizations and churches, particularly especially United Methodist organizations,s to become involved in direct ministry to persons people in need through programs of readiness, relief, and recovery.
  • The project design includes coordination strategies which that maximize services and resources without duplication, as well as intention to cooperate with the appropriate entities within the United Methodist connection, voluntary organizations, governmental agencies, and other partners.