United Methodist Committee on Relief


UMCOR’s dynamic staff is devoted to helping the world’s most vulnerable communities recover and rebuild after natural or human-made calamities or when confronted with devastating chronic need. Technical expertise, collaborative approach, and religious, racial, and ethnic diversity distinguish the women and men who work at UMCOR headquarters, supply depots, and field offices around the world. Most of our staff in our overseas field offices are local to the country in which they serve. View our Contact Us page for media contacts and general inquiries.

Dr. Olusimbo Ige was named interim Executive Director of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), effective March 31, 2017, by Thomas Kemper, General Secretary of the General Board of Global Ministries. UMCOR is dedicated to alleviating human suffering around the world through disaster response, sustainable agriculture, food security, and relief supply programs. Ige will continue to serve as Executive Director of Global Ministries' Global Health unit where she provides leadership and technical guidance to health programs in 36 countries. 

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Dr. Olusimbo Ige, interim Executive Director of UMCOR, photo by Cindy Mack.

  • Thomas Kemper, General Secretary 
    • Dr. Olusimbo Ige, Interim Executive Director of UMCOR | | (404) 942-4353
    • Jack Amick, Senior Director, Disaster Response | | (404) 460-7119
    • Amy Fuselier, Director of UMCOR Sager Brown and Depot West |
    • Catherine G. Earl, Director Disaster Response and U.S. Partner Relations of UMCOR | | (404) 460-7462
    • Javed Sheikh, Interim Director, International Programs | | (404) 460-7276
    • Roland Fernandes, Treasurer | (404) 832-7007

    Altina Washington, Administrative Assistant, UMCOR Disaster Response |

    Alvin Collins, Groundskeeper, UMCOR Sager Brown

    Amelia Mendizabal | Program Associate, UMCOR Disaster Response |

    Annamarie Reed, Administrative Assistant, UMCOR Disaster Response |

    Benny Druilhet, Associate Director of Outreach Ministries, UMCOR Sager Brown | 

    Bettye Foulcard, Business Manager, UMCOR Sager Brown |

    Darlene Toups, Food Services Assistant, UMCOR Sager Brown

    Debbie Darden, Cafeteria Manager, UMCOR Sager Brown

    E. Brian Diggs, Associate Director of Depot Operations, Depot West–Utah, |

    Faye Ann Adams, Housekeeper, UMCOR Sager Brown

    Fita Tulu | Program Manager, International Disaster Response |

    Florida Gailes, Sewing Assistant, UMCOR Sager Brown

    Freddie Cooks, Associate Director of Depot Operations, UMCOR Sager Brown |

    Geretta Dugas, Depot Assistant, UMCOR Sager Brown

    James Gulley, Haiti Program Manager |

    Jimmy Ducote, Facilities Manager, UMCOR Sager Brown |

    Laurie Felder, Program Manager, International Disaster Response |

    Mary Jordan, Housekeeper, UMCOR Sager Brown |

    Michael Tukuafu, Material Resource Manager, Depot West-Utah

    Misty Hebert, Administrative Coordinator, UMCOR Sager Brown |

    Nina King, Senior Operations Associate, UMCOR Disaster Response |

    Nora Stevens, Associate Director of Volunteers Service, UMCOR Sager Brown

    Patricia Boudreaux, Lead Housekeeper, UMCOR Sager Brown

    Rickey Chauvin, Groundskeeper, UMCOR Sager Brown

    Scott Tibbetts, Program Manager, UMCOR U.S. Disaster Response |

    Sonia McDaniel, Lead Food Services Assistant, UMCOR Sager Brown

    Tammy Boykin, Volunteer Services Manager, UMCOR Sager Brown

    Ted Warnock, Health Missionary, UMCOR Sager Brown |

    Terry Mukuka, Program Manager, International Development |

    Tsiry Rakoto, Program Associate, International Development |

    Whitney Stovall, Program Manager, International Development |

    Yovanna Troansky, Program Manager, Disaster Risk Reduction |