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Foods Resource Bank (FRB)

Foods Resource Bank (FRB)

Advance #982493

#982493 - Alleviating world hunger by supporting smallholder agricultural programs

Annual Goal:$30,000.00
Location: Global Global
Partner:Foods Resource Bank (FRB)

Describe the need affecting the community.

75% of the world's 795 million hungry people are farmers and/or those living in rural communities. Therefore, agriculture offers a unique opportunity to millions of the poorest and hungriest people around our world to improve their lives. By engaging with these farmers and their communities we can work together to improve their health, livelihoods and futures and make a lasting impact on hunger and poverty.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

Foods Resource Bank's (FRB) mission is to alleviate world hunger by supporting smallholder farmers through holistic small-scale food security programs. Over the last 16 years, FRB has supported over 138 such programs in 35 countries. Currently, FRB funds 50-60 programs a year in 30+/- countries. By working with a network of 16 implementing organizations and over 100 local, in-country partners, FRB is able to act as a funder, collaborator and consultant to our programs. We have cultivated a grassroots approach to programming that allows local communities to take initiative in and ownership of the program. This approach not only allows communities to reach food security, but it also ensures sustainable impact long after FRB's support has ended. In the US, FRB has always had a strong relationship with US farmers and agribusinesses. 70-80% of our funding comes from volunteer US community growing projects. We work to engage our supporters in the importance of long term development with smallholder farmers.

Describe the primary goal of the project.

FRB's primary goal is to support rural people in need in the developing world as they ?grow lasting solutions to hunger.? In our first 15 years we helped over one million primary participants to experience food security. Our Next 1 Million goal is to help another million people achieve food security in half the time. We aim to reach The Next 1 Million people by raising a total of $55 million ($55 per person over 7.5 years) by 2023 through increasing the number of growing projects (from 200 to 325), increasing our donor base to include more individuals, corporations and foundations, and increasing the number of overseas food security programs to support that next million.

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Laurie Kaniarz

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