United Methodist Committee on Relief


Volunteers help UMCOR respond whenever and wherever the need arises.

You’re always welcome to volunteer at an UMCOR relief-supply depot. If you want to be involved with relief efforts on the ground, you can also be trained to be part of an Early Response Team. 

Depot Volunteers

UMCOR’s relief-supply depots are located in Baldwin, Louisiana, and Salt Lake City, Utah. Volunteers assemble, verify, and pack relief-supply kits so that they can be sent to the areas where they are needed most. They also help with outreach programs in the depots’ local communities. Sager Brown volunteer registration for 2018 begins January 11, 2017 at 10:00 AM. For more information about volunteering at a supply depot, contact:

Disaster Response Volunteers 

Disaster response volunteers travel to the site of a disaster to help organize and distribute aid. During the first few weeks or months after a disaster, only specially trained Early Response Teams can enter the area, due to health concerns and infrastructure limitations. 

UMCOR provides training for Early Response Teams; however, United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) coordinates these volunteers. If you’re interested in participating in a short-term volunteer team, please contact your jurisdictional or conference UMVIM coordinator
For more information about Early Response Team training, contact Scott Tibbetts.

Please understand that for logistical or cultural reasons, volunteering is not always appropriate.

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