United Methodist Committee on Relief

UMCOR News Stories

16 Sep 2014 United Methodists' Work on Flood Recovery Continues
Local Colorado newspaper highlights UMCOR, Rocky Mountain Conference disaster recovery work.
16 Sep 2014 Many Help Care for Migrant Children
UMCOR is part of a whole-Church effort to respond to the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. border.
12 Sep 2014 Sierra Leone Health Workers Receiving Support
Sierra Leone Annual Conference steps up efforts to support health workers caring for Ebola patients.
11 Sep 2014 Operation Provide Hope Completes Its Mission
A veterans’ hospital in Tblisi, Georgia, was one beneficiary of a decades-long medical commodities program.
11 Sep 2014 Sweet Gratitude from Armenia
Thanks to UMCOR and FRB partnership, farmers in Armenia gain new skills for greater food security.
9 Sep 2014 Prayer for New College Bird Rededication
The 175-year-old Methodist academic institution was severely damaged in the 2010 earthquake and rebuilt.
9 Sep 2014 Ukraine: Support for the Uprooted
UMCOR is working with the United Methodist Church of Eurasia to provide emergency support for Ukrainians displaced by conflict.
4 Sep 2014 Clean Water for Potosí
UMCOR partner Engineers in Action is helping to clean up polluted and toxic rivers in Bolivia.
3 Sep 2014 'Put Me To Work'
UMCOR’s Greg Forrester returns to his UMVIM roots providing hands-on assistance in Galena, Alaska, recovery.
2 Sep 2014 FEMA Grateful for Volunteer Impact
Why FEMA loves volunteers.
28 Aug 2014 Mission Concerns for Refugees and Human Rights in Iraq
Global Ministries advocates for those besieged by extremist forces and, with UMCOR, assists displaced minorities.
28 Aug 2014 UMCOR Responds with Thoughtful Urgency to Ebola Outbreak
UMCOR works with local partners to provide high-quality, needed supplies in response to the epidemic.
28 Aug 2014 Border Visit Brings Immigration Crisis into Focus
United Methodists learn the facts about the border crisis in a meeting underwritten by UMCOR and United Methodist Women.
26 Aug 2014 U.S. Navy Serviceman Uses Leave to Volunteer
Volunteers choose “helping” vacation.
25 Aug 2014 'We Were Totally Devastated'
United Methodist volunteers and other faith groups assist in Galena, Alaska, recovery.
21 Aug 2014 Ebola Quarantine Sparks Violent Protests
Julu Swen, communication director for the Liberia Annual (regional) Conference of The United Methodist Church reports.
21 Aug 2014 Mission u: The Church and People with Disabilities
Intensive studies bring a surge in disability awareness across the connection.
20 Aug 2014 Bishop Ward Offers Pastoral Response to the Ebola Crisis
The president of Global Ministries describes the unique role of The United Methodist Church in responding to the Ebola crisis in West Africa.
20 Aug 2014 UMCOR to Receive Methodist Healthcare Honor
One of six recipients of the annual Living Awards, UMCOR will be honored for its work implementing Imagine No Malaria.
19 Aug 2014 Philippines: New UMCOR Homes for Typhoon Survivors
Typhoon survivors in the Philippines prepare to move into new homes constructed by UMCOR.
19 Aug 2014 School, Health Kits Needed for Haiti
Can you help UMCOR reach 50,000 children in Haiti?
18 Aug 2014 What Makes A Good Volunteer?
Do you have what it takes to hit the road as a volunteer?
14 Aug 2014 Schooling for Girls in South Sudan
UMCOR helps transform the lives of South Sudanese children through its Girls Education in South Sudan program.
14 Aug 2014 Social Support Key to Ebola Fight, Leaders Say
The Religious Leaders Task Force on Ebola, chaired by Bishop Yambasu, is providing training in Sierra Leone to help counter the rise in Ebola infections.
12 Aug 2014 Beyond Imagine No Malaria
Take a stakeholder-wide survey to help determine UMC Health vision.