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United Methodist Global Health Initiative Stakeholder Consultation

The denomination’s Global Health Initiative survey is designed to gather respondents’ perceptions of the impact of the Imagine No Malaria campaign and to help shape the vision of the global health ministry. Below are questions and answers about The United Methodist Global Health Initiative Stakeholder Consultation and information about the two-phase survey process.

Q: What is the United Methodist Global Health Initiative Stakeholder Consultation?

The United Methodist Global Health Initiative (GHI) is one of four areas of strategic focus of The United Methodist Church. Its first expression was Imagine No Malaria (INM), which established health teams across Africa, supported local programs and improved and saved lives. Building on the momentum of INM’s success, the stakeholder consultation is intended, through a global participatory visioning process, to answer the question: Where does United Methodist health programming go from here?

Q: What do you mean by “global”?

In a purposeful effort to gain valuable insight about the health priorities that should guide GHI’s next stage, the consultation will survey influential stakeholders in the worldwide church and from among the church’s partners in health ministry. A special cross-cutting team is charged with reaching stakeholders outside the United States, taking into account issues such as language, interpretation, cultural context and others in order to conduct a meaningful international process with broad participation.

Q: Imagine No Malaria was a successful church project—why not simply extend it?

Thanks to INM, 1.9 million anti-malaria nets have been distributed, 13 African health boards established and more than 11,000 community health volunteers trained. U.S. $62 million has been raised thus far to underwrite these activities. At the same time, INM revealed a host of other health issues and opportunities for ministry—some related directly to fighting malaria, others less so—that are shared to varying degrees and in various forms across continents. The UM Global Health Initiative is seeking to be intentional in its discernment of a way forward in health ministry that will serve the greatest good.

Q: Who are the stakeholders you have identified?

To achieve a truly participatory visioning process, GHI has identified more than 30 types of stakeholders and will survey an initial group of 10 in the first phase of the consultation. The 10 were identified based on their involvement in Imagine No Malaria, unique insight into health issues and/or The United Methodist Church, ability to influence the success of GHI’s strategy, representation of an essential demographic, expressed interest in being consulted and involved in GHI’s next stage and accessibility.

Q: When and how will the consultation take place?

GHI will launch Phase 1 of the consultation August 12, 2014. Phase 1 includes a simple survey to gauge the perceptual impact of INM and solicit input toward defining The United Methodist Church’s health focus beyond 2016. The survey and a guide to facilitate group consultations will be made available via email, Internet and focus groups. Once the returned surveys are analyzed, Global Ministries will present initial results to the Council of Bishops and the Connectional Table in November, in preparation for denominational meetings prior to General Conference 2016. Phase 2 will follow and will last about 12 months. It will include adjusting the questionnaire as needed, inviting more stakeholder groups to take the survey, conducting in-depth interviews with Phase 1 groups to tease out data and test ideas and visiting international stakeholders to fill anticipated participation gaps. Final analysis of all the surveys will be completed by the fall of 2015.

Q: What is the expected outcome of the consultation?

The United Methodist Global Health Initiative Stakeholders Consultation will result in the identification of a new global focus for the health ministry of The United Methodist Church. This will then be followed by the elaboration, by mid-2016, of a strategic plan to guide implementation. The church will be ready to launch the next stage of its Global Health Initiative, an initiative defined with input from the worldwide church to advance health and wholeness for all.

Should you have any questions or comments following the survey, please contact Global Health at  Please include “Survey” in the subject line.