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UMCOR News Stories 2013

20 Dec 2013 Global Mission Leader Calls for Peace in South Sudan
Thomas Kemper calls for peace and provides an update on the United Methodist presence in South Sudan.
19 Dec 2013 World Council of Churches Calls for a “Mandela Moment” in South Sudan
Dr. Agnes Abuom, World Council of Churches, calls on government of South Sudan to have a “Mandela moment” as it confronts aftermath of violence.
19 Dec 2013 South Sudan Church Leaders Speak With One Voice About Recent Violence
Church leaders from various denominations in South Sudan issue letter expressing sadness and condemnation concerning recent violence.
19 Dec 2013 A Day in a Life of UMCOR and Dambana
An expression of ministry presence that went beyond religious borders to serve Typhoon Haiyan survivors.
19 Dec 2013 Four “Marys” of Batan
Four “Marys” demonstrate the meaning of this Advent season when they emerge to help others in the midst of their own devastation.
19 Dec 2013 A Child is Everyone’s Responsibility
UMCOR scales up its work with orphans in Zimbabwe.
18 Dec 2013 Improving Food Security and Farmer Incomes in Haiti
UMCOR Haiti works with partners to train 50 farmer association members to enrich their post-harvest capacity.
17 Dec 2013 2013: Cleaning Up After Dangerous Winds, Floods
A recap of UMCOR's response to disasters in 2013.
17 Dec 2013 Connect, Train, Volunteer
Volunteers who want to assist survivors after a disaster are urged to participate in training first.
16 Dec 2013 The Light Shines in the Darkness
Bishop Hee-Soo Jung offers an Advent reflection that celebrates the Embodiment of Light shared with our world.
12 Dec 2013 Fleeing Syria: Finding Child-Friendly Help
UMCOR and partner support the needs of Syrian refugee children through Child-Friendly Spaces.
10 Dec 2013 UMCOR–Philippines Distributes Relief Goods in Visayas
Harris Memorial College staff member shares his volunteer experience with UMCOR in bringing relief to Typhoon Haiyan survivors.
10 Dec 2013 Let’s Be Part of the Change!
Today is International Human Rights Day. Learn of a trafficked survivor who becomes aware of her human rights at an UMCOR shelter in Armenia.
6 Dec 2013 Letter from the Rev. Denise Honeycutt on UMCOR’s Typhoon Haiyan Relief
UMCOR’s top executive shares the agency’s next steps in recovery for Typhoon Haiyan survivors in the Philippines.
6 Dec 2013 Honoring Mandela's Life
The presiding bishop of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, Bishop Ziphozihle Siwa, on Nelson Mandela's passing.
5 Dec 2013 In Sierra Leone: Expanding Maternal and Child Healthcare
Newly-constructed Mother and Child Health Unit at Kissy UM Hospital expands hospital’s capacity to serve more patients.
4 Dec 2013 Historic UMC #GivingTuesday Is Record-Breaking Day for Mission
UMC #GivingTuesday generates a record $6.5 million online with nearly 11,000 donors in 34 countries giving through The Advance.
3 Dec 2013 HIV/AIDS Education in Remote Armenia Village
In Armenia, UMCOR training focuses on the importance of HIV testing and prevention.
3 Dec 2013 Iowa United Methodist Churches Set Example for Donations
Churches in Iowa set the bar for appropriate donations that help disaster survivors.
3 Dec 2013 Freeing Slaves to Rebuild Lives
UMCOR shelter in Armenia provides a safe haven for trafficked survivors.
1 Dec 2013 Preventing Deaths
UMCOR program helps reduce mortality by strengthening hospitals and clinics, and addressing maternal and child health care.
27 Nov 2013 Cameroon: A Young Woman’s Life Restarted
College student learns her HIV status and discovers she can live positively.
26 Nov 2013 Sudan: Skills Moving Forward
In East Darfur State, UMCOR vocational trainings and work opportunities provide hope and improve livelihoods.
25 Nov 2013 Tornado Survivors
The Crossroads United Methodist Church as well as dozens of others across the midwest have opened their doors to tornado survivors.
25 Nov 2013 We Cry, we Mourn, we Continue to Work and we Hope
Mission Intern Joy Prim reflects on the importance of taking time to mourn during times of brokenness.