United Methodist Committee on Relief


UMCOR News Stories 2012

28 Nov 2012 Thousands of Sandy Survivors Know the Church Cares
UMCOR helps local churches and volunteers respond to Hurricane Sandy survivors.
28 Nov 2012 Advent Begins
Bishop Hee-Soo Jung provides the first of a series of UMCOR Advent reflections.
27 Nov 2012 The Building Blocks of Long-Term Recovery
UMCOR holds an Advanced Disaster Response Training Academy at Sager Brown Depot.
26 Nov 2012 Darfur: Building Peace through Prosperity
The newborn state of East Darfur in Sudan will soon complete its first full year of existence.
23 Nov 2012 Holism is Health For All and By All
Health projects in the Central Congo Conference address many parts of a complicated system.
21 Nov 2012 Eastern Congo
After months of rising tensions and violence, rebel forces in eastern Congo have taken control of the major city of Goma and the town of Sake.
21 Nov 2012 Chatham UMC Hosted Sandy Evacuees
During Hurricane Sandy, a local church opened its doors to students from Drew University.
20 Nov 2012 Global Ministries Statement on Violence in Israel and Gaza
The General Board of Global Ministries condemns the use of violence in the region and asks for prayers for peace.
20 Nov 2012 For Disaster-Prone States, Preparation is Key
Eager volunteers receive early response training in the United Methodist South-Central Jurisdiction.
19 Nov 2012 St. Kitts - Ready for Anything
Disaster-preparedness training in vulnerable Caribbean yields results.
16 Nov 2012 Hurricane Sandy Response
An UMVIM coordinator provides vital information for those eager to volunteer.
16 Nov 2012 Strong Women Reshape the Future
UMCOR Armenia program helps women break free of human trafficking.
15 Nov 2012 World AIDS Day: Standing Up to Stigma
While HIV and AIDS infections decrease, stigma associated with them remain.
13 Nov 2012 Neighbors, Near and Far
Neighbors have come from around the block and across the country to help hurricane survivors in Massapequa, New York.
13 Nov 2012 Syria’s Refugees: Escalating Needs
Lebanon provides refuge for the already uprooted Palestinian population of Syria.
12 Nov 2012 Jellyfish in the Living Room
Hurricane Sandy survivors cope with humor and prayer.
9 Nov 2012 Amigas Health Program Empowers Women
Women hold a key to better health in Guatemalan highlands.
9 Nov 2012 Neighbors Help Neighbors in New York City
In the immediate wake of Hurricane Sandy and for the long term, neighbors are helping neighbors on Staten Island.
8 Nov 2012 Sandy Survivor: 'It's Unfathomable'
In New Jersey, storm survivors are determined to go forward.
8 Nov 2012 #GivingTuesday
Take part in the giving season.
7 Nov 2012 "The Nightmares are Just Beginning"
Spiritual and emotional care are needed long after a disaster is past.
7 Nov 2012 Volunteers: The Lifeblood of Storm Response
Churches open their doors to neighbors in need after Hurricane Sandy.
6 Nov 2012 Stunned NJ Towns Reach for Hope
Amid feelings of isolation, glimmers of hope return to storm-struck New Jersey shore residents.
6 Nov 2012 Past Disasters Worsen Post-Hurricane Trauma
Emotional impact of Hurricane Sandy echoes that of 9/11 and Hurricane Irene for many Northeast survivors.
5 Nov 2012 Post-Hurricane: Women Rebuild in Nicaragua
Hurricane-prone Nicaragua shines a bright light on recovery from a major disaster.