United Methodist Committee on Relief

10-Fold: The Tweet Chat Edition

Technology and social media expand the conversation in the church.

By Klay S. Williams*

October 25, 2012— The current surge of technology and social media has taken ministry efforts to all time new levels of engagement. Never before have we been able to connect with new friends, fellow believers, and ministry passions, around the world and in our local communities.

The power of social media has given us Twitter. Twitter has given us tweets. And the team of 10-Fold has introduced us to 10-Fold tweet chats.

During each week of 10-Fold, twitter participants have been able to share their voice and opinion, moderated by Global Ministries staff, about each project. With the username of @connectNmission, and in 140 characters or less, advocates have participated in an ongoing conversation that serves as a platform for expression, education, community, and sharing.

For example, during week two (Young People in Mission), @connectNmission asked, “Final question. Q5. What is the one thing you wish to tell the #UMC about young people? #10foldumc #dreamumc.”

User, @swanhilda16 responded, “@connectNmission, Young people are not the future church They r church now Pay attention listen they r paving a new way #10foldumc. Or, @bkfrijoles, shared, “#10foldumc" Q5 woah. Well #UMC need to know that Young People do care about church AND we need to promote the #YAMs program.”

While other thoughts and perspectives were shared, there seemed to be an overwhelming belief that young people in The United Methodist Church are an important voice, but more focus should be given to the contributions of the “here and now” presence of these pioneering young adults.

Moving to the week three tweet chat (Church Planting and Mission Initiatives), the following question was shared, “@connectNmission RT @UMHadEnough: What should US involvement in international church planting look like? #10foldumc @connectnmission.”

@ rexi44 said, “@connectNmission Q1 US (& other counties) involvement shd be from those familiar w/local culture; connectional resources #10foldumc,” offering his thoughts on how church planting should start from partnership with members of the local community. 

10-Fold tweet chats can be a valuable platform to unite and inform the church on issues that are important to you. Global Ministries would like to hear your voice, thoughts and opinions. You never know, your words of service could be the missing link that could change the world around you.

Want to take part in the next 10-Fold tweet chat?

The next tweet chat will take place on Wednesday, October 31, 2012, at 9:00 P.M. EST. It will highlight the following questions regarding the United Methodist Committee On Relief’s (UMCOR) work in favor of fair trade:

How have you and your church engaged in fair trade?

How should faith impact a person’s budget?

How is fair trade representative of Wesleyan ideals?

How do you communicate the spiritual importance of fair trade in Wesleyan terms?

Will you join us?

In the language of the twitter universe, I leave you with: @God, @Peace, @You, and @Me, we are all connected.  #10foldumc.

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*Klay S. Williams is a writer and contributor to