United Methodist Committee on Relief

  • A Rolling Flood of Need - As UMCOR assists annual conferences in the wake of April tornadoes and severe storms, new emergencies loom.
  • From Sri Lanka to Haiti - Field officers from eight countries where UMCOR runs emergency and transitional development programs gathered at headquarters for an annual meeting.
  • Innovation: Tool for Rebuilding - A forum in Haiti, sponsored by UMCOR, EMH, and UMVIM, calls for creative solutions to the persistent problem of rebuilding homes.
  • Severe Weather in Three States - Tornadoes over the weekend wreaked widespread destruction and caused scores of deaths.
  • Survivors of Human Trafficking: Not Without Hope - “Not without Hope,” the walls of the shelter seem to whisper to new arrivals, survivors of human trafficking in Armenia. Here, in an ambience of trust and encouragement, residents re-learn the meaning of hope after seemingly endless years of sexual servitude and forced labor.
  • UMCOR Attends Ivorian Inauguration - UMCOR head, Rev. Cynthia Fierro Harvey, and board director, Bishop Janice Huie, attend Ivorian president’s inauguration this weekend in a sign of solidarity and hope for peace.
  • UMCOR Keeps Promise to Storm Survivors - UMCOR is keeping its promise to stand with tornado, storm, and flood survivors, who this spring have experienced historic challenges.