United Methodist Committee on Relief

  • Fending off the Cold in DR Congo - Internally displaced persons in DR Congo can stop wearing extra clothes to bed, thanks to a distribution of blankets.
  • In Columbia: Clinic Inauguration Ushers in a New Day - After years of violence, survivors in six Colombian villages find healing and a new life, thanks to a recently inaugurated clinic. Read the story and view videos of the inauguration.
  • Japan Relief Advances - UMCOR hails the opening today of an ecumenical disaster response office in Japan.
  • Reaping Cocoa Benefits - Although the Dominican Republic is considered the second poorest country in the Caribbean, cocoa producers who are members of CONACADO Cooperative, are reaping sweet benefits through fair trade premiums.
  • There for the Long Haul - Bulging rivers in North and South Dakota will crest this weekend, but relief and recovery challenges will remain for months to come.