United Methodist Committee on Relief

  • A Big Day for Haitian Children - Last Wednesday was a “big day” for the field office of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) in Haiti—and an even bigger day for 700 Haitian children who now have the opportunity to continue their education.
  • Celebrate Life! - On the one year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, Melissa Crutchfield, UMCOR"s International Disaster Reponse executive, addresses the Protestant Federation of Haiti in Port-au-Prince with words of hope that reflect progress over the past year and celebrates renewed commitment for the journey ahead.
  • Compassion Companionship: An Interview with Rev. James L. Gulley - The Rev. James L. Gulley is an agricultural consultant for the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). In January 2010, he was visiting Haiti with a small delegation representing UMCOR and United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) when the earthquake struck.
  • Emergency Continues in Brazil - At least 20,000 people have been forced from their homes or left homeless by the intense rains that provoked deadly mudslides in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. According to authorities, at least 806 people were killed and as many as 300 remain missing.
  • Ending Human Trafficking, One Life at a Time - Alisa* fell prey to a human trafficker in her hometown in Armenia. She was just 20 years old and the single mother of a nine-month-old baby. The trafficker forced Alisa into prostitution by threatening to kidnap her young child if she did not do as he said. He kept her enslaved and took all the money she made.
  • Flooding Affects Nearly One Million in Sri Lanka - Nearly a million people have been affected by severe flooding in Sri Lanka since a monsoon began to pelt the island nation on December 26.
  • The Recovery Tightrope in Haiti - Over the course of the year since the earthquake in Haiti, the work of recovery there has advanced like a tightrope walker along a taut chord. Go too fast, and the acrobat loses his footing, falls into the net, and has to start again. Go too slow, and the patience of observers wears thin. The only sure way to advance is to walk deliberately, setting one foot in front of the other, eyes forward, and maintaining balance.
  • Trafficking Survivor Rediscovers a World of Beauty - Mariam* was just 15 years old when her parents married her to a man 20 years her senior. She worked day and night, a servant to her husband’s extended family, and was not allowed to sleep until her husband came home.