United Methodist Committee on Relief

  • Alert About Email for Funds for the UMC of Pakistan - We have been made aware that there is an email and letter circulating amongst United Methodist entities requesting funds for the people of Pakistan through the United Methodist Church of Pakistan.
  • Church AIDS Work Makes a Difference - In rural Zimbabwe, there is not much relief — physically or emotionally — for those dying from the complications of HIV/AIDS.
  • Clean Water and Food Relief to Pakistan - Food and clean drinking water are among the most urgent needs in Pakistan, as casualties from widespread flooding continue to rise.
  • Donors Respond Slowly to Pakistan Floods - The outpouring of donations following the Jan. 12 earthquake that rocked Haiti is not being repeated for the people of Pakistan fighting for survival in the wake of massive floods.
  • Global AIDS Fund Provides Help, Comfort - Purity became involved in a United Methodist-supported project that linked her with a group of 12 families in her community. The Champion Working Group, as it is known, helped her plant grass — feed for the family cow — and cultivate greens to sell for profit, sharing the income.
  • Pakistan Floods Threaten Millions of Children - For some 3.5 million children, Pakistan's worst floods in 80 years could have deadly consequences.
  • Rain of Compassion - With new floods compounding the effects of weeks of inundation across Pakistan, the people of this nation in crisis are in desperate need of a different kind of deluge: the rain of compassion.
  • UMCOR in Spotlight at School of Congregational Development - Disaster relief was in the spotlight at a public celebration during a United Methodist training institute on starting and strengthening churches, and the unusual combination made perfect sense.
  • UMCOR Reaches Out to Partners in Pakistan - The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is reaching out to its network of partners in Pakistan to respond to the most severe flooding ever to affect that country.
  • UMCOR's Response to Floods in Pakistan - The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is responding to the flash floods and landslides in Pakistan. More than 1,000 people have died and 25,000 are stranded without food or water.