United Methodist Committee on Relief

  • Books Close, but Recovery Continues on US Gulf Coast - After nearly five years of intense relief and recovery work in Louisiana, Mississippi and other states affected by the hurricanes that devastated the US Gulf Coast, UMCOR has released its final disbursement.
  • Community of Hope - Asha*, 10, and her brother Kosey*, 8, from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), were orphaned when their parents were killed in DRC’s ongoing civil war. Displaced from their homes because of intense fighting, Asha is confused and afraid, as she watched over her younger brother, and decided to stay alongside the river.
  • Offering is UMCOR’s ‘Backbone’ - Eight days after the January earthquake in Haiti, Melissa Crutchfield led a small team to the island to start assessing emergency needs for the United Methodist Committee on Relief.
  • Protecting Future Generations Against Malaria - Mawazo, 27, lives in a small village around Kamina in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). She gave birth to her first child a year after getting married. Over the following six years Mawazo had four miscarriages each preceded by a debilitating high fever, most likely caused by malaria.
  • UMCOR helps Haitians stay in U.S. - He lost his wife, his home and his job when the Jan. 12 earthquake hit Haiti. The man identified only as “Bernard” also found himself alone with an infant daughter.
  • UMCOR in Haiti, Two Months Later - Two months after an earthquake damaged or destroyed three-quarters of the Haitian capital, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is poised to deepen its relief work and move into the early stages of long-term recovery operations.
  • Unbroken Road to Renewal Passes through Haiti - When Rev. Edgar Avitia got to Port-au-Prince shortly after the January 12 earthquake in Haiti, the first thing he noticed was the absence of children in the street. The second was the dust-covered absence of music.
  • World Health Day, April 7,: The 2010 Global Goal 1,000 Cities, 1,000 Lives - UMCOR Indonesia, the non-governmental organization of the United Methodist Committee on Relief, will mark World Health Day on April 7 with school health events in two Acehnese schools where the agency has presence.