United Methodist Committee on Relief

UMCOR News Stories

24 Feb 2015 UMCOR, CAL-PAC Respond to Immigrant Children
Welcoming congregations open arms to children in California-Pacific Conference.
24 Feb 2015 UMCOR 75th Anniversary: The Current Decade (2011 to 2014)
UMCOR responds to multiple disasters and prepares for future transition.
19 Feb 2015 UMCOR Marks Special Sunday and its 75th Anniversary at Historic Church
UMCOR will mark One Great Hour of Sharing Sunday with a service of celebration at the New Jersey church where it was founded in 1940.
17 Feb 2015 75 Years—The 2000s
After the 9/11 tragedy, the work of UMCOR is further defined and results in multiple office openings in response to human need.
17 Feb 2015 Preschools Refurbished for Syrian Refugee Children
UMCOR and ANERA partner to create safe, hope-filled learning environment for the smallest refugees.
13 Feb 2015 Mission Leadership Team Members from Five Continents
Diversity among Global Ministries leaders mirror agency’s worldwide mission engagement.
12 Feb 2015 Church Responds to Devastating Mozambique Floods
Church leaders meeting in the southern part of the country learned how Mozambican United Methodists are reaching out.
12 Feb 2015 Ending Child Servitude in Haiti
UMCOR and partner Beyond Borders address root causes of a persistent problem.
10 Feb 2015 UMCOR Aids Those Displaced by War in Ukraine
UMCOR and local partners respond to the needs of those impacted by ongoing violence in Ukraine.
10 Feb 2015 UMCOR 75th Anniversary: The 1990s
UMCOR makes a major shift from supporting many faith-based service agencies to a model of a direct implementing relief agency.
10 Feb 2015 Why the Church is Visible in the Midst of Cholera
UMCOR helps rehabilitate a cholera treatment center in Democratic Republic of Congo.
5 Feb 2015 Churches Hold Concert to Benefit UMCOR
Three northern Virginia churches united in song in support of UMCOR.
4 Feb 2015 75 Years—The 1970s and 1980s
From resettling refugees in Laos and Vietnam to the classification of UMCOR’s ministry as the four “Rs”, a look at UMCOR’s work during this period.
3 Feb 2015 Disaster Training? It's In Your Area
Join thousands of others in training for disaster response.
29 Jan 2015 75 Years —The 1950s and 1960s
After the end of WWII, UMCOR’s war relief continued. Read through the 1950 and 1960 decades in celebration of UMCOR’s 75-year anniversary.
29 Jan 2015 DRC: Solid Improvements in Health
A five-year collaboration in Democratic Republic of Congo is yielding improved health and healthcare.
27 Jan 2015 Philippines: ‘Build Back Better’ Works
Post-Haiyan homes weather two storms.
22 Jan 2015 Ripple Effect of UMCOR Support
Still battling Ebola, far-flung communities in Liberia benefit from awareness-training and emergency food supplies.
22 Jan 2015 Together, We “CAN” Change the World!
From waste to clean water: a Colorado church responds to the worldwide water crisis.
20 Jan 2015 75 Years—The 1940s
A look at UMCOR’s beginnings in the 1940s.
20 Jan 2015 Churches Open Hearts in Detroit
Help break the silence of flood survivors in Detroit.
20 Jan 2015 Global Ministries Names Director of Global Health
Dr. Olusimbo Ige of Nigeria will lead United Methodist global health strategy.
15 Jan 2015 'Miracle Offering' Brings Hope to Sudan
Tips for your own miracle offering.
13 Jan 2015 Border Ministry, a Shared Effort
Inaction is not the answer.
13 Jan 2015 Remembrances
Testimonials about staff who lost their lives in the Haiti earthquake.