United Methodist Committee on Relief

UMCOR News Stories

29 Jan 2015 75 Years —The 1950s and 1960s
After the end of WWII, UMCOR’s war relief continued. Read through the 1950 and 1960 decades in celebration of UMCOR’s 75-year anniversary.
29 Jan 2015 DRC: Solid Improvements in Health
A five-year collaboration in Democratic Republic of Congo is yielding improved health and healthcare.
27 Jan 2015 Philippines: ‘Build Back Better’ Works
Post-Haiyan homes weather two storms.
22 Jan 2015 Ripple Effect of UMCOR Support
Still battling Ebola, far-flung communities in Liberia benefit from awareness-training and emergency food supplies.
22 Jan 2015 Together, We “CAN” Change the World!
From waste to clean water: a Colorado church responds to the worldwide water crisis.
20 Jan 2015 75 Years—The 1940s
A look at UMCOR’s beginnings in the 1940s.
20 Jan 2015 Churches Open Hearts in Detroit
Help break the silence of flood survivors in Detroit.
20 Jan 2015 Global Ministries Names Director of Global Health
Dr. Olusimbo Ige of Nigeria will lead United Methodist global health strategy.
15 Jan 2015 'Miracle Offering' Brings Hope to Sudan
Tips for your own miracle offering.
13 Jan 2015 Border Ministry, a Shared Effort
Inaction is not the answer.
13 Jan 2015 Remembrances
Testimonials about staff who lost their lives in the Haiti earthquake.
13 Jan 2015 Haiti Earthquake: Recovery to Development
Five years after a devastating earthquake, United Methodists, together with their church and nongovernmental partners, work with Haitian communities on sustainable projects.
13 Jan 2015 A Mustard Seed Multiplied
From humble beginnings, UMCOR’s work has deepened and grown.
12 Jan 2015 Haiti Timeline: 2010 - 2014
A timeline of events of UMCOR's effort in Haiti's rebuilding.
12 Jan 2015 Haiti: Prayers & Tributes
Read prayers and poems in dedication to the five-year anniversary of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.
12 Jan 2015 Video: Interview with Jim Gulley
Watch a powerful interview with Jim Gulley on Haiti's progress 5 years since the earthquake in January 2010.
12 Jan 2015 UMCOR Partners in Haiti
A list of partners with whom UMCOR has collaborated to support the Haitian people on the road to restoration.
12 Jan 2015 Keeping Faith with Haiti
Using photographs from 2010-2014, United Methodist Communications photographer Mike DuBose presents a visual record of how an earthquake changed this small Caribbean nation.
12 Jan 2015 Portraits of Haitian Women Entrepreneurs
UMCOR's SEED program in Haiti funds women entrepreneurs.
12 Jan 2015 Boots on the Ground: Haiti and UMVIM
The UMVIM program has been indispensable in helping to rebuild Haiti over the last 5 years since the 2010 earthquake.
9 Jan 2015 In Solidarity with Nigeria
Global Ministries stands in solidarity with those affected by the recent atrocities in Nigeria and requests your prayer support.
8 Jan 2015 UMCOR Is Still There After the Headlines Fade
‘Yesterday’s news’ remains today’s concern after summer flooding in southeastern Michigan.
8 Jan 2015 UMCOR: 75 Years of Accompanying and Learning
UMCOR reaches 75 years of alleviating human suffering and reaffirms its ministry to work alongside the most vulnerable populations.
8 Jan 2015 Human Trafficking: Know Your Rights
Raising awareness about human trafficking in Armenia.
7 Jan 2015 Finding Power in Partnerships
A look at the PISANS project, a model, and integrated suite of programs helping to improve the quality of life for a Haitian community.