United Methodist Committee on Relief

UMCOR News Stories

20 Nov 2014 Offering Help and Hope for 20 Years
Celebrating UMCOR Armenia’s 20 years of relief, help and hope.
18 Nov 2014 Liberia Partners in Mission Together
Participants from 14 annual conferences, including Global Ministries staff, gather at the Liberia Partners Summit to partner, intercede and support the country’s Ebola response.
18 Nov 2014 Help for Recovery after South Asia Floods
UMCOR and partners meet food and hygiene needs after South Asia’s worst monsoon caused devastating floods and landslides.
17 Nov 2014 The United Methodist Struggle Against Ebola in Sierra Leone
Faith community in Sierra Leone is deeply involved in grassroots efforts to stop the spread of Ebola.
17 Nov 2014 Sierra Leone Surgeon Has Died at US Hospital
Dr. Martin Salia, chief medical officer and surgeon at United Methodist Kissy Hospital in Freetown, died Nov. 17 from advanced Ebola.
14 Nov 2014 United Methodist Surgeon May Come to U.S. for Ebola Treatment
United Methodist Kissy Hospital surgeon may be coming to U.S. for Ebola treatment, but details have not been confirmed.
14 Nov 2014 Global Ministries Condemns Religious Persecution in Pakistan
United Methodist global mission agency expresses solidarity with Christian communities in Pakistan.
13 Nov 2014 Sierra Leone Hospital Closes After Doctor Gets Ebola
Kissy United Methodist Hospital closes after its chief medical officer and surgeon tests positive for Ebola.
13 Nov 2014 We Can’t Wait: World Toilet Day
The lack of proper sanitation facilities causes 1.8 million preventable deaths each year.
12 Nov 2014 As a Medical Disaster, Ebola Calls for New Strategies
Five months after Ebola began to escalate in West Africa, United Methodists have refined the tactics they hope will slow it to a halt: protection, education, support and prayer.
11 Nov 2014 'Being There to Listen'
After a disaster, survivors aren’t looking for answers so much as for a chance to tell their story.
6 Nov 2014 Missionaries Return to Liberia
Three Global Ministries missionaries will support the United Methodist response to the Ebola outbreak.
6 Nov 2014 Global Hand Washing Day in Haiti
Partnership was a central theme of the day, which promotes health and hygiene through hand washing.
4 Nov 2014 Firm Foundations, One Year After Philippines Typhoon
After 2013 typhoon, Filipino town sees new homes, stronger community.
30 Oct 2014 White House Discusses Ebola with Faith Groups
At a White House event, General Secretary Thomas Kemper joins delegates of 15 faith-based organizations to discuss Ebola response.
30 Oct 2014 Music Ties Church To Typhoon Survivors
Listen to the sounds of Typhoon Haiyan response.
28 Oct 2014 Donations to UMCOR Sager-Brown Are Symbol of Hope
UMC #GivingTuesday donations to UMCOR Sager Brown for relief-kit materials bring hope to those in need.
28 Oct 2014 After Two Years, 'Hidden' Sandy Survivors
Where are the ‘hidden’ survivors of Hurricane Sandy?
21 Oct 2014 After China Quake, Partnerships Promote Recovery
UMCOR's partnerships and alliances allow it to extend disaster assistance into many corners of the globe.
20 Oct 2014 For Those Affected By Ebola
South Carolina pastor, originally from Ghana, offers a litany for those impacted by the Ebola virus.
20 Oct 2014 Human Trafficking in Armenia: Successful Reintegration Takes Care
What happens when human trafficking survivors return home? Read one woman's experience of reintegration with UMCOR's anti-trafficking program in Armenia.
16 Oct 2014 Church Creatively Helps Ebola Response
Kansas church raises funds to support UMCOR efforts in response to Ebola.
15 Oct 2014 “Make a Difference Day” is October 25, 2014
Volunteers in Pateros, Washington, organize a “Make a Difference Day” inviting volunteers to help those affected by July wildfires.
15 Oct 2014 Handwashing with Soap: Do-it-yourself Vaccine
Global Handwashing Day celebrates the simple action that has big consequences for fighting disease and infection.
14 Oct 2014 Haiti Hot Lunch Serving More Meals
Increased UMCOR funding allows for more meals to be served through the Haiti Hot Lunch program.