United Methodist Committee on Relief

UMCOR News Stories

19 Aug 2014 Philippines: New UMCOR Homes for Typhoon Survivors
Typhoon survivors in the Philippines prepare to move into new homes constructed by UMCOR.
19 Aug 2014 School, Health Kits Needed for Haiti
Can you help UMCOR reach 50,000 children in Haiti?
18 Aug 2014 What Makes A Good Volunteer?
Do you have what it takes to hit the road as a volunteer?
14 Aug 2014 Schooling for Girls in South Sudan
UMCOR helps transform the lives of South Sudanese children through its Girls Education in South Sudan program.
14 Aug 2014 Social Support Key to Ebola Fight, Leaders Say
The Religious Leaders Task Force on Ebola, chaired by Bishop Yambasu, is providing training in Sierra Leone to help counter the rise in Ebola infections.
12 Aug 2014 Beyond Imagine No Malaria
Take a stakeholder-wide survey to help determine UMC Health vision.
12 Aug 2014 United Methodist Global Health Initiative Stakeholder Consultation
General questions and answers about The UM Global Health Initiative Stakeholder Consultation.
11 Aug 2014 United Methodist Mission Leaders Express Solidarity with those Suffering in Iraq
Bishop Hope Morgan Ward and General Secretary Thomas Kemper make statement and encourage prayer for those under oppression in Iraq.
11 Aug 2014 Supplies Reach Remote Alaskan Village
Alaska—a different face of disaster recovery.
7 Aug 2014 Gaza Emergency Response Includes Food and Water for Displaced
With support from UMCOR, partner ANERA distributes relief aid in Gaza.
7 Aug 2014 Ebola Emergency
UMCOR responds to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, as the fatal illness continues to take its toll.
6 Aug 2014 A Prayer for the World
Janjay Innis, missionary through the US-2 young adult program, offers a prayer for the world amid recent crisis and events.
5 Aug 2014 The United Methodist Church Responds to the Ebola Crisis
Support is provided through West African church leaders and health boards, regional church facilities and missionaries, and UMCOR.
5 Aug 2014 'Recovery Moves Like a Glacier'
How is flood recovery in Florida like a glacier?
31 Jul 2014 Long-term Recovery Training Draws A Crowd
Arkansas newspaper highlights UMCOR and CWS disaster response training event.
31 Jul 2014 Beatrice Gbanga: United Methodist Health Board Coordinator
“I believe in community,” says Gbanga, unsung hero of our United Methodist efforts in Sierra Leone.
30 Jul 2014 In Liberia, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Heads Ebola Task Force
Sirleaf, a United Methodist, called on Liberians to build awareness for prevention of the disease that has claimed 124 lives in her country.
30 Jul 2014 Help Support the Texas Border Crisis Response
Here’s what you can do to help United Methodist church efforts, from Laredo to Brownsville.
29 Jul 2014 Ukraine: In the Midst of Conflict, Relief
An update on the Ukraine conflict and how local churches are bringing relief.
29 Jul 2014 Myanmar and Thailand: Limiting Landmine Danger
UMCOR and partner Clear Path International assist survivors of landmine explosions and seek to reduce risks of new incidents.
25 Jul 2014 UMCOR Assists Organizations Supporting Worker and Immigrant Rights
Grants administered by Church World Service help two organizations protect the rights of immigrant workers in their communities.
24 Jul 2014 Israel/Palestine: Call to Pray and Respond
Missionaries Alex Awad and Kristen Brown offer a prayer and urge United Methodists to pray for the Israel/Palestine conflict.
24 Jul 2014 U.S. Religious Leaders Embrace Cause of Immigrant Children
A New York Times article details ecumenical compassion, including that of United Methodists, for immigrants crossing U.S. border.
24 Jul 2014 Investing in Armenia’s Future by Supporting Youth
In just two years, more than 1,400 students realize their dream of higher education with support from UMCOR.
22 Jul 2014 After Losses, Alabama Town Plans Shelter
For a small Alabama town, a storm shelter will stem a tide of loss.