United Methodist Committee on Relief

Relief-Supply Kits

Relief-supply kits help provide care for the most vulnerable people during times of crisis. UMCOR collects 6 types of kits for global distribution and cleaning buckets for US distribution after storms.

Kits help sustain everyday life for people who lack ready access to essential supplies. They provide vital support for UMCOR’s global development work and make a tangible difference in people’s lives. View demonstration videos on assembling specific kits.

We are currently at capacity with Birthing Kits. Please help us restock Health and School Kits.
Thank you! 

Kit Assembly Instructions

For specific instructions on how to assemble and ship each type of kit, please click the icons below.

Note: The value of the items in each kit is reviewed annually to keep in step with a changing economy. Although markets may fluctuate regionally, the value of each kit listed reflects the average cost of the items purchased in the U.S.

Kit Assembly How-to Videos

A Youtube playlist on how to assemble various UMCOR kits.

Download Instructional Videos

Birthing Kit | Cleaning Bucket Kit | Layette Kit | School Kit | Sew School Bag

Patterns & Labels

School Bag instructions

  pdf-icon.gifLayette nightgown pattern

pdf-icon.gifRectangle sweater pattern

pdf-icon.gifRelief Supply Shipping Label and Packing List

Where Do Kits Go?

  1. Six varieties of kits and cleaning buckets are collected by generous donors across the United States. 
  2. They are then sent to one of two supply depots. 
  3. Then, volunteers assemble, verify, and pack the kits so that they can be sent to where they are needed most.