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UMCOR's top priorities in addressing HIV and AIDS around the world are challenging stigma and mother-child transmission in partnership with the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance.

United Methodist Global AIDS Fund

The United Methodist Global AIDS Fund (UMGAF) was established by the 2004 General Conference of The United Methodist Church. Its purpose is to stem the tide of HIV and AIDS around the world, and strengthen the church’s compassionate response to this deadly pandemic. UMGAF supports programs that focus on prevention, advocacy, testing, and counseling for people living with HIV and AIDS.

Through the generosity of United Methodists and others, UMGAF has supported more than 200 HIV/AIDS church-oriented programs in over 35 countries. For United Methodists living in the United States, 25 percent of all contributions given to UMGAF through a local United Methodist church remain in the annual conference for AIDS ministries.

UMGAF is guided by an inter-agency committee comprised of representatives from the Council of Bishops, General Board of Church & Society, General Board of Global Ministries, General Commission on Communications, the Division on Ministries with Young People, United Methodist Women, and the Office of Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns.

Support the UMGAF Just Save One Initiative!

Just Save OneIf you could save just one person’s life, would you do it? You have the opportunity to Just Save One person living with HIV and AIDS.

Just Save One is an initiative of the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund to eradicate HIV by 2020. For the next year, UMGAF is intensifying it’s work of prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV and AIDS. Even a small gift can make a big difference. It costs less than $10 to prevent transmission of HIV from a mother to a child; and just $1 provides needed nutrients for an AIDS orphan.

Donate to UMGAF, educate your congregation, and/or get involved in the fight to advocate for persons living with and affected by HIV and AIDS around the world. For questions or comments, contact UMGAF Consultant Rebecca Yount at

Meet One

In Zimbabwe, Gladys, a nine year old HIV positive girl, asks her mother daily what she did wrong to contract HIV. Her mother cries when hearing this. She unknowingly transmitted HIV to her daughter at birth and is dealing with her own guilt. Through the work of the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund focus on preventing mother to child transmission, children like Gladys will be born AIDS free and mother’s can celebrate the joy of child birth without guilt.

Support the Just Save One Initiative


UMGAF has raised more than US $3.5 million to assist thousands of people who are infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. Yet, there are 34 million individuals living with the virus. We need your financial contribution to Just Save One of those millions.

  • A gift of US $20 can provide nursing care for a child born HIV positive;
  • A US $50 gift can help educate young people and adults how to prevent HIV;
  • A US $100 gift will supply nutrients to 100+ AIDS orphans suffering from dehydration.

Your gift could also help:

  • Distribute copies of Prayers for Encouragement for Persons Living with and Affected by HIV and AIDS through the Upper Room;
  • Prevent children from being orphaned by providing HIV testing and education for their parents;
  • Expand healthcare services to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child.

Ways to donate:

1. Drop a check payable to your local church with the UMGAF Advance #982345 in the memo line in the offering plate in your local church this Sunday. By contributing through your local church, 25 percent will remain in your annual conference for local AIDS ministries and the remainder will be sent to UMCOR to support worldwide ministries.

2. Mail a check, payable to UMCOR, to: PO Box 9068, New York, NY 10087, with the UMGAF Advance #982345 in the memo line.

3. Donate now by making a contribution with your credit card.

Your donation will help Just Save One person, someone like Makena in Kenya, India, or Washington DC or even in your own community. Together United Methodists can Just Save One and begin a domino effect to eradicate HIV and AIDS by 2020.



Eliminating the stigma associated with AIDS is a key educational goal for UMCOR. Having a strong AIDS education in your local church and community is critical to ensure the well-being of those who are infected and affected. Without knowledge of the virus, people have little incentive to seek help if they believe they have acquired HIV. Learn more about HIV and AIDS and encourage your congregation to become educated on HIV and AIDS by utilizing these resources:

Printable Resources

Congregation and small group resources:

Interactive resources:

Other places to find resources and information:


More than 3,000 persons have become UMGAF AIDS Ambassadors. Ambassadors are volunteers who advocate for needed funding for AIDS projects, help strengthen laws related to AIDS, and also broker partnerships between congregations and AIDS organizations globally to implement AIDS ministries. You, too, can become an AIDS Ambassador.

Be a social justice advocate! Many legislative bodies—local and national—appropriate funding for AIDS. Learn about what’s happening in your part of the world and let your legislators know about your interest and concern.  Attend district legislative meetings, write to your legislator, and call to voice your concern for persons living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Be a welcoming congregation! As an act of faith, we are called to welcome all people into our local churches, including persons living with AIDS who are often marginalized and stigmatized by society, including the church. By extending love and acceptance to those living with AIDS, transformation can happen. Encourage your pastor to preach on AIDS, sponsor an educational class on HIV and AIDS, explore how your congregation can become more welcoming, and invite each member to give to UMGAF as an act of stewardship and mission.

Mark Your Calendar

Lighten the Burden logoGetting to Zero: Just Save One, an Equipping Conference on HIV and AIDS will take place in Denver, Colorado September 11–13, 2014. More details will be posted as we get closer to the date, but clear your calendar for it now.

Commemorate World AIDS Day! Join people around the world working to end HIV, especially on World AIDS Day, December 1. This observance is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV, and commemorate people who have died. World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day (1988). The United Methodist Church has been a strong supporter of this special day and the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund urges all congregations to commemorate World AIDS Day, either on December 1 or some other day during the year. Congregations are also strongly encouraged to take an offering for the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund on World AIDS Day, to support the work that our churches and partners do to understand and combat this disease in communities around the world.

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