United Methodist Committee on Relief

Global Health

UMCOR's Global Health program's top priorities are water and maternal and child health

UMCOR works with thousands of communities internationally through more than 300 United Methodist hospitals and clinics, using education as well as preventative and curative measures to confront these and other major health issues such as malnutrition, HIV and AIDS, and malaria. Our programs seek to increase access to clean water and better sanitation as a cross-cutting root cause of many preventable illnesses and death.

In the United States, UMCOR health programs promote and provide resources for the establishment of health ministries in local congregations by parish nurses, health advocates, and health ministers.  It also provides resources, support and advocacy for persons with disabilities and deafness or hard of hearing.

UMCOR’s holistic approach to health empowers people to take charge of their own lives and develops positive health-seeking behavior in the communities we serve. This strategy emphasizes education and the development of local resources so that improvements in public health are sustained over time. UMCOR’s programs reach entire communities, especially the most vulnerable, and value local cultural practices as sources of generating lasting solutions to challenges of health and poverty.

Global Health

Global Health News

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