United Methodist Committee on Relief

US Congregational Health

UMCOR supports congregational health programs in the United States that nurture mind, body, and spirit in a wholistic way, embracing wellness in all its forms.

Including people with different abilities in all aspects of church life can revitalize a congregation. In recognition of this, US Congregational Health supports United Methodist ministries with the deaf and those with disabilities.

Disability Ministries

The Disability Ministries Committee is a United Methodist appointed committee dedicated to opening hearts, minds, and doors for people of all abilities in the church. The vision of the committee is to create a culture of inclusion for persons with disabilities within faith communities through advocacy, education, and empowerment so people with disabilities can fully participate in all aspects of worship, leadership and ministry.

Deaf Ministries

The United Methodist Committee on Deaf and Hard of Hearing provides funding for deaf communities to engage in ministry with United Methodist churches. The committee advocates for technologies and communication as well as training deaf and deaf ministry leaders who can attract Christian growth among deaf communities.

Parish Nurses

Faith Community Nurses, also called Parish Nurses, are registered nurses who promote preventative care and customize health ministry to fit the needs of congregations they serve.

Health Advocates

Health advocates are individuals with or without medical training who work with Faith Community Nurses for healthy congregations. The United Methodist Church Health Ministry Advisory Team helps create and sustain health ministries in congregations across the United States. Learn more and contact a team member in your area. 


A parish nurse makes a home visit to an elderly woman in need.

Global Health