United Methodist Committee on Relief

Disaster Response

UMCOR Philippines volunteers distribute food packages to communities affected by  Typhoon Saola, also known locally as Gener, in 2012.

UMCOR responds to natural or civil disasters of such magnitude that they overwhelm a community’s ability to recover on its own. Through UMCOR, United Methodists extend loving care to people within the United States, as well as internationally: in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. These beneficiaries are seen as partners, not victims, and UMCOR works to empower them. Wherever possible, UMCOR cooperates with other aid organizations to extend its reach.

In its holistic response to disasters, UMCOR:

  • Offers disaster preparedness training.
  • Provides essential supplies and care—both physical and psychological—in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.
  • Supports long-term rebuilding efforts and assists communities as they adapt.

Disaster Response News

After China Quake, Partnerships Promote Recovery
UMCOR's partnerships and alliances allow it to extend disaster assistance into many corners of the globe.
Church Creatively Helps Ebola Response
Kansas church raises funds to support UMCOR efforts in response to Ebola.
Children’s Blessing
Children of First United Methodist Church in Hays, Kansas, bless UMCOR with gift of health kits.
Alaska Recovery Complete Before Winter
Volunteers “beat the wintertime clock” in Alaska.
Disaster Risk Reduction Day – Creating More Resilience
UMCOR helps rebuild homes with greater resilience to withstand future disasters.
Children, Teachers Learn to Prepare for Disasters
UMCOR Armenia educates vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly on disaster risk reduction.
UMCOR Board Approves USDR Grants
In their semiannual meeting, the directors approved grants to continue recovery and build resiliency.
Collaboration Helps Oklahoma Recover
Working together in Oklahoma.
Doing Good Better
From across South America, representatives of Methodist entities attend UMCOR International Disaster Response workshop.
Bangladesh: Reducing Risks
Vulnerable inhabitants of the island of Char Kukri Mukri in Bangladesh build capacity to confront disasters.
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