United Methodist Committee on Relief

Haiti Hot Lunch Program

Haiti Hot Lunch Program

Advance #418790

#418790 - Providing hot meals three times per week to over 22,000 students

Annual Goal:$1,177,344.00
YTD Gifts:$115,550.76
Location: Haiti Latin America and Caribbean
Partner:The Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas, Haiti District Conference


The Hot Lunch program provides children in EMH schools with hot, nutritional meals, that many children otherwise would not receive. Before the program, children would attend school relying only on the breakfast eaten at home or snack foods purchased in the street. This program ensures access to nutritional meals, cooked on-site, to provide energy to learn throughout the day.

Goals & Objectives

Over the next 5 years, EMH proposes to: 1. To transition program management to BEMHEG (Education Department of the EMH). 2. Hire and train program staff to serve as educators in nutrition and hygiene as well as program monitors over 5 years. 3. Provide basic cooking materials, utensils and cooking gas to schools. 4. Provide training to kitchen staff. 5. Integrate development programs such as school gardens and composting into Hot Lunch activities. 6. Promote community ownership and contribution through Parent-Teacher associations and trainings.

Activities Plan

1. Hire and train management staff. 2. Conduct trainings for kitchen staff. 3. Assess viability of school gardens and composting. 4. Purchase materials and supplies for cooking. 5. Provide ongoing monitoring of the program to ensure food is being purchased and served properly. 6. Conduct nutrition and hygiene trainings for staff. 7.Meet with Parents and Teachers in schools to encourage local contribution and participation. 8. Engage VIM teams in school gardens and composting projects.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goal
Local Financial Support


Purchase of food
Training of kitchen staff
Travel Expenses
Propane Gas
Office supplies
Purchase of materials for schools

Project Contact

Rev. Edzaire Paul

Global Ministries Contact

Tsiritsimihena E. Rakoto
(212) 870-3872