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#3021951 - UMCOR transforms and strengthens global communities through long-term recovery following disasters and the transition into sustainable development.

Annual Goal:$750,000.00
YTD Gifts:$56,356.10
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Limited access to resources and opportunities in underserved communities around the world can create barriers for individuals, families, and communities to living healthy, stable, productive lives. Following devastating natural or human-made disasters, the most vulnerable communities can continue to be trapped in a cycle of poverty, struggling to rebuild their lives after loss, often unable to maintain a stable income, a secure living environment, and enough nutritious food and clean water to remain healthy. Social insecurity, conflict, issues of land quality or tenure, lack of access to clean water, or lack of access to education, healthcare, or markets for sale of goods may also limit opportunities for advancement. The strategy to lifting these families and communities out of this cycle of poverty and vulnerability rests in sustainable recovery and development. UMCOR works with local communities to identify and implement solutions to overcome these obstacles and thrive, not just simply survive. UMCOR enters communities at their invitation, and working closely with the beneficiaries, uses various methods of inquiry to determine their needs as well as identify local (financial, material, human, systemic, cultural) contributions towards the solution. With a focus on capacity strengthening and beneficiary-led design and implementation of programs, UMCOR helps to create local ownership of all programs, which leads to greater chance of success and long-term sustainability. UMCOR also employs the use of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) principles throughout its sustainabale recovery and development programs, to ensure that when disasters do happen, a community's economic loss is reduced and their recovery is quicker.

Goals & Objectives

The goal of UMCOR's Sustainable Recovery and Development programs is to support and facilitate the creation of thriving communities through integrated sustainable community development. The objectives of UMCOR s Sustainable Recovery and Development programs include: (1) providing access to resources and opportunities in the sectors of water, sanitation and hygiene, food security and sustainable agriculture, and economic and social development; (2) working in close partnership with the beneficiary communities to design, implement, and sustain the programs; (3) strengthen capacity of local partners and communities to increase ownership, sustainability and impact of all activities.

Activities Plan

Activities will be vary, and will be developed in close coordination with each community according to their needs, capacity, and priorities. Activities will be beneficiary-led in order to ensure appropriateness, ownership, and sustainability. Depending on the circumstances, examples of activities could include * agricultural and livestock training and provision of inputs * creation of farmers co-ops and facilitating connection to markets * installation of water wells and irrigation systems * hygiene promotion, sanitation programs, recycling activities * building schools, supporting access to literacy and education programs, teacher training * family and community infrastructure development (homes, roads, bridges) * support, rehabilitation and (re)integration of displaced persons and refugees following conflict or disaster * support for victims and survivors of human trafficking *

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John (Jack) Amick
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