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Global Health

Global Health

Advance #3021770

#3021770 - Supporting wholistic, community-based health programs in the US and around the world

Annual Goal:$750,000.00
YTD Gifts:$371,986.97
Location: Global Global
Partner:General Board of Global Ministries


Global Health programs work internationally with more than 300 United Methodist hospitals and clinics globally, using education as well as preventative and curative measures to confront major health issues such as malnutrition, maternal and child mortality, HIV and AIDS, and malaria. Our programs also seek to increase access to clean water and better sanitation. In the United States, Global Health programs connect people to resources and support networks, and advocate for people with disabilities.

Goals & Objectives

Enhance the capacity of the local churches, partners, stakeholders and the communities we serve to address the following global health issues: a.) Maternal and child survival b.) Diseases of poverty c.) Chronic diseases

Activities Plan

I. Leverage the UMCOR Health grant opportunities to address global health issues. The health grant portfolio supports the following programs: - Community Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC) - Maternal and Child Survival - Nutrition - Malaria Control (Imagine No Malaria) - HIV/AIDS - U.S. Congregational Health - Water and Sanitation - Health Systems Strengthening (health facilities, human resources, and administrative capacity) II. Internationally, train Health Boards and/or UMCOR field offices in the UMCOR Grant Application Process and other skills such as financial management, strategic planning, and HIV/AIDS-TB-Malaria technical development, CBPHC and Maternal and Child Survival. III. In the US, Enhance the capacity of local churches, partners, stakeholders, and the communities we serve to address chronic disease by cultivating and scaling up the Parish Nurse/Health Advocate network.

Budget and Financial Information


Advance Financial Goal
Local contribution (2.5%)
In-kind contribution (5%)


Community Health Worker Training & Support
Mother and Child Health Activities
Promotion of and assistance with breastfeeding and nutrition
Integrated health and development
Strengthening small health facility services
Address and prevent sexual and gender-based violence

Project Contact

Olusimbo Ige
(404) 460-7512

Global Ministries Contact

Olusimbo Ige
(404) 460-7512