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Nyembo Umpungu Mission Projects

Nyembo Umpungu Mission Projects

Advance #11071A

#11071A - Improving primary healthcare for the population

Annual Goal:$18,750.00
YTD Gifts:$2,737.90
Location: Congo, (Democratic Republic) Africa
Partner:The UMC, North Katanga Annual Conference


a) Nyembo residents and neighboring population suffer from malnutrition. The clinic is also unable to take care of patients due also to lack of funds, therefore the rate of malnutrion and child mortality have increased to 62 percent; and female mortality at time of labour. Thus infectious diseases have rapidly spread due to lack of hygiene. b) Before missionaries' arrival, residents of Nyembo Mpungu had to walk over 15 miles to reach at the closest clinic. b) Now the village has a community clinic with 25 beds, and also a doctor that oversees the clinic. The clinic receives 126,787 patients, and takes 150 cases of surgery and 400 baby deliveries. c) Since missionaries departed the clinic, it lacks basic medications and financial means to meet its daily activities. d) Local residents have gathered 30,000 bricks, 2 tons of stones to build an additional rooms that can accomodate enough patients. In addition to that, the clinic is unable to complete the surgery room due to lack of funds. e) We seek help to open and equip the clinic in order to care of patients and malnurished children.

Goals & Objectives

a) Improve the primary health of the population. b) Decrease infant and maternal mortality. c) Improve infant and maternal health and facilitate women's prematernal consultation. d) Take care of malnushished children. e) Fight against Malaria, and frequent pandemics. f) Fight against HIV/AIDS. g) Install a radiography, echography. h) Continuing training of medical personnel. i) Provide clinic supplies. h) Decrease the rate of mortality due to anemia, supply the clinic with a blood bank and refrigerator.

Activities Plan

a) Seasonal training of medical personnel. b) Motivate the population to prevent malaria by environmental cleaning and use of mosquito nets, distribution of mosquito nets. c) Purchase of medications. d) Insure prenatal healthcare of all pregnant women. e) Register all malnutrition cases, engage in a systematic screaning, evaluation, establish a nutrition program. f) Evaluation. g) Evaluation of infant and maternal mortality during labour.

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Project Contact

Dr. Ngoy Kasole Maloba

Global Ministries Contact

Kathleen T. Griffith
(212) 870-3869