United Methodist Committee on Relief

Disaster Response

What does UMCOR do to support the United Methodist Conferences in Disaster Readiness and Response?

What kinds of disaster training does UMCOR offer?

Why do refugees flee from their home countries?



Can I get funds from UMCOR?

Can you guarantee that oppressive governments don’t misuse my donation?

Does 100% of my donation really go directly to your programs?

How are UMCOR's undesignated funds used?

Why aren't all donations spent immediately, and can donations earn interest?



How can I volunteer with UMCOR?

How do you decide where you will establish a field office?

How do you monitor your programs?

What is UMCOR?


Global Health

How are hunger and disease related?

How can I improve health in my own congregation?

What are United Methodists doing in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic?

What are United Methodists doing to combat Malaria?

What is UMCOR's main role in alleviating hunger and poverty?

Who is at risk of hunger and poverty in the United States?


Relief Supply Kits

Who receives the relief supply kits overseas and how are they distributed?

Why is UMCOR so strict about what goes into relief supply kits?